Books to Read if You Like Alice Clayton

10 Aug 2016

Romance author Alice Clayton creates the perfect blend of humor, sweetness, and steamy romance in her bestselling novels. Her series, such as the Hudson Valley Series and The Cocktail Series, are extremely engaging and feature characters with whom you’ll instantly fall in love. Already finished her newest release, Cream of the Crop? We’ve got the perfect cure for your book hangover. Check out our recommendations for books to read if you like Alice Clayton.

Books to Read if You Like Alice Clayton


The Matchmaker’s Replacement

Rachel Van Dyken

Release Date: August 9, 2016

Gabi and Lex hate each other, there’s no doubt about that. If they can survive the tension while Gabi finishes her training at Wingmen Inc., then they can finally be done with each other. But is the tension fueled by hatred or sexual attraction? Even though Gabi thinks of Lex as a dangerous villain, she can’t help but feel attracted to him. As the lines between them start to blur, will their relationship turn into something more?

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Forbidden Kisses

Addison Moore

Release Date: July 22, 2016

Even though Rex Toberman is supposed to be an athletic god, Scarlett can’t stand him. Their parents are about to get married, but she wants absolutely nothing to do with him and his mother. Maybe the one way to get rid of them will be to get tangled up in Rex’s womanizing ways. But the longer that Rex is around her, however, the more irresistable he becomes.

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Catch Me a Cowboy

Jacquie Underdown

Release Date: August 25, 2016

Emily Wolfe is a single city girl, and she’s willing to do anything to find love. When she gets the opportunity to be on a dating show, she hopes that she’s finally going to find the man of her dreams. The show takes Emily to the country, a world that’s very different from her city lifestyle, but she finds that she likes getting down and dirty in a cute pair of cowgirl boots. She quickly finds herself falling for Will, the star of the show. Can their love survive the pressure of reality TV or will their passion fizzle out?

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Boss Man

Vi Keeland

Release Date: July 16, 2016

Reese first met Chase Parker while hiding near the bathroom from her awful date. He tried to give her dating advice, and she told him to mind his own business. They both go back to their dates, but things get a little interesting. Chase comes over to their table and pretends to know Reese, so he joins them and starts to tell fake stories about their childhood. Reese thought that they’d never see each other again after that strange night, but a month later, he turns out to be her new boss.

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The Summer Games: Out of Bounds

R.S. Grey

Release Date: July 30, 2016

Brie hates Erik Winter, but somehow he ends up becoming her coach for the upcoming Olympic games. He’s mean and intimidating, but Brie has to work with him if she has any hope at winning the Gold at Rio. Erik also needs her, since she’s his best shot at proving his prowess as a coach. She wants to make peace with him, but he is dead set on making her life a living hell. Since Erik is pushing her to her limits, Brie will push back as hard as she can until she gets what she wants.

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Sarina Bowen

Release Date: July 12, 2016

Three years ago, Jude’s life changed forever. A bad car accident left one bystander dead, and Jude was sent to jail. Now that he’s out, he has no choice but to return to Colebury, Vermont to find work. Sophie’s brother was killed in that accident, and she is startled when Jude shows back up in town. The man she once loved has changed, and maybe for the better. Their small town may not approve of Jude and Sophie getting back together, but sometimes love works in ways you can’t understand.

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