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The Book Launch Package

Great if your goals are: Driving Sales, Getting Reviews, Publicity, Building Buzz

The Book Launch package is perfect if you are trying to generate a lot of buzz around your book quickly, and you want someone to do the bulk of that work for you. The book launch package will get you your first sales, seed future reviews, and drive impressions of your book through all our channels. The book launch package includes

  • Placement of your book in our weekly email to over 75k readers
  • Your book featured in our weekly roundup of new releases
  • A custom written  Book Recommendation List that includes your title (see description below)
  • Dedicated promotion on all social channels, Facebook (37k fans), Instagram (12k fans) and Twitter (2k followers)
  • An author interview on with links to purchase your new book
  • A detailed report summarizing all your promotional activity and audience engagement

Cost to author: $299-$499
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Note: All books are subject to editorial review. Your book must be released in the past 120 days to qualify for these products. 

Here’s what authors are saying about NewInBooks

I try to do every release with NewInBooks, not only are they extremely professional and fun to work with, but they are constantly trying to think up new marketing techniques when they display my books–they want you to be successful and you get that feeling from the very first email. I’m so thankful for all they’ve done and continue to do for me and my books!

Testimonial #1 NYT Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken
#1 NYT Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken

As a new author, NewInBooks helped target my ideal readership while at the same time allowing me to expand my influence beyond my existing audience.

Testimonial Andrew John Schmitz
Andrew John Schmitz

Spend your time reading, not searching.

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