6 Books to Read Before Stranger Things Season 5

26 Apr 2024

6 Books to Read Before Stranger Things Season 5

Calling all fantasy and science fiction fans! Don’t miss these 6 new novels, perfect to dive into while you wait for season 5 of Stranger Things. Expect new realms and magical powers, paranormal activity and gods galore!

A Tale of the Nine Lands

by J. K. F. Sandham

Release Date: March 23 2024

Powerless and weak, humans and dwarves have suffered under the whip and wand of giants and witches for centuries, but something is shifting on the mythical continent. Fans of GoT, the Witcher, and LotR will love this dark fantasy. Dive into a world of magic and chaos with an unlikely trio who hold the key to releasing the Nine Lands from the shadows.

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Gentle Necromancy

by Matt Dukes

Release Date: March 1 2024

Lionel Pureheart was raised as a warrior who fights evil with holy steel. He is not sure how he brought a town back from the dead, but his family will kill everyone there if they find out — even if these undead are nice people. When a threat to the land emerges, he needs his family to stop it. Can he call for help and keep the town’s secret safe?

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Westside Titanomachy (Midlife Olympians:The Oracle Chronicles Book 4)

by T.J. Deschamps

Release Date: April 19 2024

When the Morai showed Lydia a future war among the gods that will threaten the very existence of humanity, the Oracle decided to prevent the catastrophe with a competition. Olympians loved games! She even managed to get other pantheons to compete. Now only if they can survive the sentient Vault where the games take place.

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A Prayer for Earthrise (Books 1-3)

by Daniel Arenson

Release Date: April 17 2024

They came from another galaxy. They came with one mission. To kill us all… A Prayer for Earthrise box set: Three complete science fiction novels. From the USA Today bestselling author of Starship Freedom. Grab this box set and delve into a universe of war, courage, and adventures among the stars. For fans of space opera and military sci-fi!

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Dissonance Volume II: Reckoning

by Aaron Ryan

Release Date: March 19 2024

Bestselling author Aaron Ryan continues the epic journey begun in Volume I in an increasingly tense post-apocalyptic landscape, set amidst a gritty, attainable future Earth in this alien invasion thriller series.

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Archangel’s Lineage (A Guild Hunter Novel Book 16)

by Nalini Singh

Release Date: April 23 2024

New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh’s dangerous and beautiful world of archangels, vampires, and mortals has never faced a threat this cataclysmic…

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