The Best New Romance Novels With Hunky Politicians

08 Dec 2015

“Scandalous” antics take on a whole new layer when we’re dealing with politician protagonists in our contemporary romance. There’s something alluring about secret and forbidden romance, and that is all too true in politician romance novels. All of these new books feature a leading character in the public eye and are highly-rated. Happy swooning, book insiders.

The Best New Romance Novels With Hunky Politicians

Campaigning for Christopher

Katy Regnery

The Winslow brothers are four hansome Philadelphia lads who just want a lady to love. This is the fourth book in the series and features Christopher, a congressional candidate. Julianne Crow is tasked with sabotaging his campaign, but she didn’t expect to fall for her adversary.

Campaigning for Christopher


Lauren Landish

Patrick McCaffery is an up-and-coming city councilman with more than a couple of deep dark secrets. But Tabby Williams, an all-American girl, has secrets too.

The Senator’s Daughter

Robyn Anderson

Anna Geoffrey is all-too willing to help her father on the campaign trail. She’s headstrong and kind-hearted, and definitely doesn’t expect to fall for Will Emmett, her father’s brilliant advisor.


Gigi Aceves

Damien loves the Secret Service. Sophia, who is also engrossed in politics, feels otherwhise about the chaos of Capitol Hill. She craves simplicity and he loves complexity. Damien is sworn to protect her, but can he tame a wildflower who craves freedom?

Two Loves for Christmas

Mona Risk

Joshua Dutton is the son of a senator, which is not an easy thing to be (especially when your face keeps appearing in the tabloids). Good girl Emma Cassiero may just be the solution to the Duttons’ problems, if Josh doesn’t mess up his shot with her.

The World: According to Graham

Layne Harper

Rachael Early is the first female Chief of Staff, and it’s a fast-paced job. Especially when she meets one of the talk show hosts that has shaken up Washington, and their love affair is intense (but brief). Until they’re forced into each other lives again.

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