6 New Intimate Memoirs About Humanity

03 May 2024

6 New Intimate Memoirs About Humanity

Delve into the profound depths of human experience with our collection of six intimate memoirs, each offering a unique perspective on the essence of humanity. From personal triumphs to universal struggles, these narratives invite readers to reflect, empathize, and connect on a deeply human level.

Gloria Steinem: 90 Remarkable Tales from 90 Extraordinary Years

by Anthony Dobbs

Release Date: March 27 2024

From her early days as a journalist and activist to her pivotal role in shaping the women’s liberation movement, each tale offers a glimpse into Gloria’s unwavering commitment to social justice, equality, and empowerment. This book illuminates the moments of courage, resilience, and triumph that have defined Gloria’s remarkable journey!

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Lost in the Gray

by Bridgette Young

Release Date: March 4 2024

Bridgette Young shares her personal story of infant losses and fertility loss. In this book you will not only find other testimonies by women who have gone through infant loss or infertility, but also helpful insights by therapists and life coaches about navigating deep grief and trauma that comes with infant loss and infertility.

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From Doubt to Do: Navigating Your Pathway to Possibility

by Kat O’Sullivan

Release Date: April 15 2024

Are you facing a significant transition? Do you have doubts about what else is possible? Kat shares stories of personal and professional transformation that provide hope, inspiration, reassurance, and encouragement, as well as a clear strategy, plan, and practical tools to help you on your journey from doubt to do… from impossible to possible.

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When You See My Mother, Ask Her to Dance

by Joan Baez

Release Date: April 30 2024

An intimate, autobiographical poetry collection from legendary artist and activist, Joan Baez.

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Briefly Perfectly Human

by Alua Arthur

Release Date: April 16 2024

A deeply transformative memoir that reframes how we think about death and how it can help us lead better, more fulfilling and authentic lives, from America’s most visible death doula.

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Ghosted: An American Story

by Nancy French

Release Date: April 16 2024

A riveting look inside a life of poverty, success, and the inner circles of political influence–from the foothills of Appalachia all the way to the White House. New York Times bestselling ghostwriter Nancy French is coming out of the shadows to tell her own incredible story.

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