New Young Adult Novels for Fans of Beautiful Creatures

03 May 2024

New Young Adult Novels for Fans of Beautiful Creatures

Calling all fans of Beautiful Creatures! Immerse yourself in the enchanting worlds of magic, mystery, and young love with our selection of six captivating new young adult novels, each destined to reignite your passion for the supernatural.

Remember Pompeii (The Wanshiqi Trilogy Book 1)

by Kika Emers

Release Date: April 30 2024

In the exciting series-opening fantasy novel Remember Pompeii, a powerful teenager resists coming of age through multiple reincarnations for reasons that she keeps secret from those she loves.

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The Timeless Vigilante (The First Beaufont Book 1)

by Sarah Noffke & Michael Anderle

Release Date: April 26 2024

Can Gen Beaufont take the reins on a magical world established by her family centuries before but now entrusted to this timeless vigilante? Or will the modern world break this Medieval warrior?

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Firebrand 4: The Spellslinger

by D.E. Olesen

Release Date: May 1 2024

After numerous dead ends and failed pursuits, Martel gets one last opportunity to unmask the evil wizard and stop their reign of terror. The truth will take him deep underneath Morcaster and reveal a story that heralds all the way back to the destroyed city of Archen and its fabled magic.

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Curse of the Dragon Shadow

by Selina A. Fenech

Release Date: April 18 2024

A creature unlike any other is born into a haunted realm. One that must be protected…no matter the cost.

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A Dragon’s Heart for Santaclaws

by Marc Secchia

Release Date: April 18 2024

Having unleashed their ultimate weapon, the enemy armada drives the Humans and their Elven and Giant allies deep into the Amarinthian Bulwark. Surrounded and overmatched, the survivors take refuge in the Halls of the Dragon Kings, praying for a miracle.

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Zodiac Rising

by Vicki Pettersson

Release Date: April2 2024

For her own safety, Ashlyn is sent away from her beloved beach to a place where survival depends on the help of newfound friends, her acceptance of a supernatural underworld she never knew existed, and her belief that she, too, is a superhero.

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