6 New Romances Full of Forbidden Love

03 May 2024

6 New Romances Full of Forbidden Love

Indulge in the allure of forbidden love with our curated selection of six enchanting romance novels, each brimming with passion, tension, and irresistible allure. From star-crossed lovers to clandestine affairs, these new releases promise to captivate hearts and stir emotions.

Pursuit of Innocence

by Bethany Rosa

Release Date: February 28 2024

Graduation should be my focus, not my crush who finally takes notice and certainly not the sexy billionaire who decides he wants me. I don’t have time for either, but resisting has become difficult, especially when he touches me, igniting a passion I wasn’t familiar with and now crave. But if I give in to temptation, who do I give in to?

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The Runaway (Hideaway Springs Series Book 1)

by Roxanne Tully

Release Date: April 30 2024

When Pepper Woods returns to Hideaway Springs after a decade, she’s met with contempt from her old crush and star hockey player Chase Reeves. But when the runaway bride is stranded, Chase finds himself entangled in her chaos. Including a proposal for a fake engagement to keep her political fiancé at bay.

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Cardinal Sins (Bound by Blood Book 1)

by Charlotte House

Release Date: March 26 2024

Follow Zara Faire as she uncovers long-buried secrets about her father and becomes entangled with four dangerous men who claim to protect her. Caught in a deadly game of retribution, she must navigate this treacherous world and determine who she can trust in a city where honesty is scarce.

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Truly Madly Deeply: A Novel

by Alexandria Bellefleur

Release Date: April 30 2024

When their attraction reaches a fever pitch, Truly is happy for the first time in years. Yet she can’t help but wonder… is Colin truly, madly, deeply in love with her? Or is it all too good to be true?

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Their Last Resort

by R.S. Grey

Release Date: May 1 2024

Biting banter is all they know. But messy feelings have a way of coming to the surface in this beachside romance from USA Today bestselling author R.S. Grey.

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The Fallback

by Eleanor Goymer

Release Date: April 11 2024

They either find their soulmates by Christmas, or be each other’s fallback. Either way, Rosie wins: she finds someone who will finally get her over Mitch, or she can be with him. What she didn’t bargain for was Mitch falling for someone else…

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