6 Books to Read if You Love Interstellar

03 May 2024

6 Books to Read if You Love Interstellar

Dive into cosmic realms with six thrilling fantasy and sci-fi reads, tailor-made for fans of interstellar odysseys. From distant galaxies to alternate dimensions, these new releases promise boundless adventure and imagination.

Wings of War (War of the Alliance Book 1)

by Tara Grayce

Release Date: April 26 2024

The blood of legends runs in his veins. Born with his father’s powerful magic, half-elf Fieran Laesornysh longs to prove himself worthy of the heritage he carries. With the Alliance Kingdoms and the power-hungry Mongavarian Empire teetering on the brink of war, Fieran seizes his chance to take to the skies and become a legend in his own right.

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Blood of the Martyrs (The Elder of Edon Book 2)

by David Angelo

Release Date: April 30 2024

The war against parliament rages on in this explosive sequel to Soul of the Prophet. As Fin and his rebellion of dragons look to prepare for battle, dangerous forces threaten to lead him and his friends down a dark path to destruction. With millions of lives at stake, Fin must choose what matters the most: justice or revenge.

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by K.D. Phillips

Release Date: January 12 2024

In 1961, a single mother and her young daughter vanished without a trace from a rural farmhouse in northern Virginia. Sixty years later, the arrival of Samantha and her terminally ill daughter Maddie awakens dormant spirits, and the quest for truth becomes a battle for survival.

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Rifleman (Conscript Book 2)

by Scott Bartlett

Release Date: April 22 2024

Get ready for this pulse-pounding next installment in the Conscript series. If you’re a fan of Marko Kloos’ Frontlines or Ender’s Game, you’ll love this epic military scifi series.

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The Lost Cyborg (Lost Starship Series Book 21)

by Vaughn Heppner

Release Date: April 29 2024

This is the beginning of a secret war of spy vs. spy and weird tech as Maddox seeks to stop an alien invasion from starting because he knows it cannot be beaten.

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Sun Spot Remover (Tales of a Former Space Janitor Book 5)

by Julia Huni

Release Date: April 25 2024

The happy couple’s long delayed vacation devolves into a mad scramble to save the resort, track down the bad guys, and save the creme brûlée. And maybe ride the water slide before they head home, if they make it that far.

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