Interview with Sienna Parks, author of Mustang Daddy

19 Jul 2017

What can you tell us about your new release, Mustang Daddy?

Mustang Daddy is my fourth release with Prism Heart Press, and I am so excited to share it with everyone. As a native Scot, moving to Texas was a daunting experience for me. It has become home for me and my family, and I wanted to write something that could honor that transition for us. This book is not only sexy with a lot of southern charm, it’s also emotional, and heartfelt. I think fiction allows us to reflect on truths in our own lives, and Mustang Daddy takes the reader on a journey. There are definitely elements of my own path over the past year in there. I’m really proud of how it turned out, and I hope readers love Maddox and A.B. as much as I do.

What’s the last book you read?

The War of Art, by Stephen Pressfield. I did a lot of work last year that focused on the principles of martial arts and philosophies like The Art of War by Sun Tsu. This book is a motivational text for anyone who is creative – writers, actors, even entrepreneurs. It’s about getting over the idea of “inspiration.” As a writer, we often procrastinate, waiting for an epiphany to strike. This book is a great tool to teach yourself to be positive, and overcome that negative inner voice. I would most definitely recommend it to friends.

What’s on your top 5 list for the best books you’ve ever read?

  • The Time Traveler’s Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger is the first that springs to mind. I was completely blown away the first time I read it. The complexity of her timelines, and the attention to detail required to put it off is astounding.
  • Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte is a firm favorite of mine. I studied it at University, so my copy is dog-eared with notes in the margins and post-it notes everywhere.
  • Persuasion, by Jane Austen is one of the first romance novels that really sucked me in. I wrote a paper on it for school, and I just loved the fact that it was a true second chance love story.
  • Fifty Shades of Grey, by E.L. James, has to be on the list. I wouldn’t consider it the best writing by any stretch, but I really fell in love with the characters. It came along at a time in my life when I needed to remember that I’m a woman and a wife – that my husband desires me. For that reason alone, it will always be in my top five.
  • The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. I devoured this trilogy in three days while on vacation in Italy. When I turned the final page, I had the worst book hangover of my life! I honestly felt like I didn’t know what to do with myself. That’s a true sign of an epic read.

You’re hosting a literary dinner party. Which three writers are invited?

First on the list would be Steven King. The man is a legend. I would love to sit down with him and pick his brain about anything and everything to do with writing.

Second would be Kristen Proby. I love the way she writes. It seems so effortless. I would really enjoy comparing methods of inspiration with her.

Final choice would be S.C. Stephens. From the moment I met Kellan Kyle in Thoughtless, I haven’t been able to shake him. He has imprinted in my mind as one of the ultimate book boyfriends. I would really like to fan girl over that series with her!

What is a typical day like for you?

I have two kids that are currently in the phase of life where I act as a taxi service most days. I attempt to write while they’re at school, with my fur baby by my side, but most of the time, inspiration strikes in the evening when the kids are in bed. I try to balance being a mom, a writer, a friend, a wife, and a self-promoter on social media. Some days I fall woefully short in all things, but there are those rare days when the stars align and I feel like I can conquer the world.

Where is your happy place? Why does it bring you joy?

I have two. The first one is cuddling up on the sofa with my hubby, kids, and dog, watching a movie and just enjoying their company.

My second happy place, can go with me wherever I roam. It’s that corner of my mind where all my fictional characters live. When you get that spark of inspiration and can’t do anything else until you sit down and type – it feels like I can fly!

What scene in Mustang Daddy was your favorite to write?

There was a particularly emotional scene in the book. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I would say it was my favorite to write. It deals with love and loss, and the relationships in our lives that can feel out of our control at times. Coming out of a difficult year, it definitely provided me with some much needed catharsis.

Do you have a motto, quote or philosophy you live by?

I recently lost a dear friend to brain cancer. I was working with him on a book about his life journey, and the business he built over the past ten years. My mantra is his whole philosophy on life – Not Dead Can’t Quit. I’ve been through a lot of tough times in the past ten years, and have pulled through when experts didn’t think it was possible. I thought for so many years that surviving was enough, but I’ve come to realize that being a survivor isn’t about luck, it’s about refusing to give up, even when it feels like there’s no hope left. If I’m alive and there’s a breath in my body, then I have a chance to influence my life, my decisions, and how I respond to whatever life throws my way. Not Dead Can’t Quit.


Sienna Parks is the author of the new book Mustang Daddy

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