Top Bookish Instagrammers to Follow

16 Jul 2015

Chances are you’re on Instagram, one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. If you’re not, joining will make you a part of a witty picture world that 300 million other active users. The best part? The #bookstagram community, which is full of bibliophiles who post & chat about books. Don’t know where to get started? We’ve picked out the top bookish instagrammers for you to follow.


This bookworm photographer takes gorgeous pictures, which are usually accompanied with blurbs & her thoughts on the book. You’ll be jealous of all the props and places that Ursula visits.


Love YA? This is the community for you. Epic Reads focuses on the hottest new YA books & classic YA fandoms.


A self-proclaimed Potterhead (AKA a Harry Potter fan), Andie accompanies her pictures with a tag of what she was listening to while reading the books.


If you’ve never heard of #bookchallenges, or you’re out of the loop for what’s trending in the #bookstagram community, Allissa’s got you covered. She keeps up with challenges, like #BookishHoliday, and community trends, like #RecommendationFriday.


IGReads is dediated to showcasing the best & brightest of the #bookstagram community. This account doesn’t create original content, but will introduce you to other book instagrammers by regramming the hottest posts of the day.


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