6 New Releases for Fans of The Sandman

19 Apr 2024

6 New Releases for Fans of The Sandman

Dive into otherworldly realms with our latest roundup, spotlighting six captivating fantasy and sci-fi releases bound to transport you to realms unknown. From epic quests to futuristic landscapes, these new releases promise to ignite your imagination and satisfy your craving for adventure.

Hoodwinked in Hotlanta

by Elizabeth R. Jensen

Release Date: April 15th 2024

A tale that combines a mysterious family legacy in a futuristic Atlanta where magical talents exist, with the complex threads of espionage keeping readers on their toes. Written through two distinct POVs of Elyse and Josh the story gives an almost cinematic feel adding to the excitement of fantastical thrills and ominous danger.

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The Miraculous Life of Rupert Rocket: A Novel of the Fae

by Mark Salzwedel

Release Date: April 16th 2024

THE MIRACULOUS LIFE OF RUPERT ROCKET is an LGBTQ fantasy novel. In this epic modern fairytale, the title character’s family has been cursed by one Irish fairy to end their bloodline and blessed by another to stave off some of the effects of the curse, a la Sleeping Beauty. Rupert deals with the annual changes these two magical interventions throw at him.

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Stripped Away

by Stephanie K. Clemens

Release Date: April 16th 2024

In a realm ruled by tyranny, two sisters hold the key to freedom. Twins, Kennara and Kellesha, are blessed – or cursed – with these innate magical abilities live in hiding, until one day the King’s men arrive, looking for them. Now on the run, will this small band of friends hide forever, or will they find the courage to stand against the king?

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Warrior Princess (Warrior Empress Book 1)

by J.T. Skye

Release Date: February 28th 2024

I am THE Princess of the galactic-wide Hoganthan Empire. Yet, my parents authorize my execution. I’m running for my life and there is only one place safe to go – the Warrior Academy. Well, that doesn’t stop others from trying to kill me anyway. They want to kill me? Then they’ll need to prepare to die because I don’t give up. Ever.

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The Dark World Of Cambria

by Dorina R. Mihai

Release Date: April 6th 2024

Astoria Ashworth, a young girl determined to uncover the truth behind her brother’s sudden disappearance, embarks on a dangerous journey into a world of mutants, corruption, and forbidden secrets. As unexpected alliances form, she uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to tear her world apart and shape the fate of Cambria.

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Point Nemo

by Jeremy Robinson

Release Date: April 9th 2024

Point Nemo by New York Times and #1 Audible bestselling author, Jeremy Robinson is a chilling journey into the unknown; a tale of sacrifice and survival that blurs the line between science fiction and horror. It’s a testament to the lengths a parent will go to protect their child and a stark reminder of our fragile place in the universe.

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