Books to Read if You Like The Hating Game

19 Apr 2024

Books to Read if You Like The Hating Game

Indulge in the charm of enemies-to-lovers romance with our latest roundup, highlighting six irresistible new romance books. From witty banter to sizzling chemistry, these new releases promise to capture your heart and keep you turning pages late into the night.

Deke Me (Cessna U Hockey Book 1)

by Kimberly Readnour

Release Date: April 11th 2024

Struggling to save her grandmother’s home, pre-med student Amanda enters a fake dating pact with the arrogantly charming hockey captain, Blake. What starts as a simple arrangement spirals into a heartfelt journey, blurring lines between pretense and reality as unexpected emotions challenge their no-strings agreement.

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Man of Action (The Family Business Book 2)

by Elle Rivers

Release Date: April 13th 2024

When Selena had one night with Tom and fell pregnant, she thought maybe this was the start to her happily ever after. But then he told her to get lost, it changed her forever. Tom’s only goal was to take down his father, but when he learns that he has a child, he is dedicated to earning Selena’s forgiveness and getting to know his son…

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Warrior’s Captive (Valcan Mates Book 1)

by Alyce Guertin

Release Date: March 20th 2024

Since I saw him fight in the arena, I have dreamed of him at night. Dreams I blush to think about. But when my father tried to have him killed, he broke free of his chains and took me captive. I thought I would be nothing more than a bargaining chip to secure his escape, but I was wrong. He has claimed me as his mate.

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Cruel Empire (McTiernan Clan Series Book 2)

by AJ Fallow

Release Date: March 24th 2024

In the dark underbelly of South Boston, love blooms amidst blood feuds. Mob warlord Connor McTiernan vows to protect his new wife, even if it means facing death. Meanwhile, Alfie’s forbidden romance with Emilia ignites a deadly feud between mafia families. Loyalties are put to the test in this star-crossed love story of vengeance and sacrifice.

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Dangerous Flame

by January Kelly

Release Date: March 16th 2024

FBI Special Agent Charlie Hanson has chased a lot of criminals in her career. But, she’s never been the prey…until now. Once assigned to a task force to catch a serial arsonist, Charlie and her fire investigator partner turn up the heat on the pyromaniac they’re after…and find they set each other ablaze as well. Will obsession and suspicion lead Charlie to lose the only man she loves?

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Play Dirty (Tempting SEALs: Triton Book 1)

by Lora Leigh

Release Date: March 26th 2024

Fifty Shades of Grey meets hard-bodied ex-Navy SEALs in this red-hot, suspenseful friends-to-lovers, girl-next-door romance–a sizzling start to the Tempting SEALs series from #1 New York Times bestselling author, Lora Leigh.

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