Interview with Melissa Gorzelanczyk, Author of Arrows

07 Mar 2016
Tell us a little bit about your new release, Arrows.

Arrows is the story of Karma, a dance prodigy, whose life is changed through the power of a single cupid’s arrow. Aaryn’s.

How do you like to spend a rainy day?

I love the concept of hygge, a Danish word that often translates to “cozy.” (You can see more of my hygge obsession via my Pinterest board.)

Rain, sun or snow, I like to spend my free time doing things I enjoy, with people I enjoy. That includes watching a Netflix series (currently on Gilmore Girls and Fargo), reading, listening to music, and definitely eating terrible amounts of junk food.

BAM. You’re a superhero. What’s your superpower?

Instant travel.

What advice would you give your teenage self?

First, do not perm your bangs.

Second, true love feels good, so if you’re crying all of the time, you might want to move on from that guy.

You wouldn’t be caught dead, where?

Anywhere with spiders. *shudders*

What’s the last song that was stuck in your head?

MAPS by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

What’s your favorite quote or scene for Arrows?

Oh man, that’s too hard! But okay, okay, the first scene that comes to mind is when Aaryn sees Karma dance for the first time, written from Aaryn’s POV. The chapter ends with:

“The music cut just in time to hear her gasp for the last move, a deep backbend that finished the song, and with that sound in my ears–her breathing–I felt the trouble I was in.”

Do you have a motto, quote or philosophy you live by?

I’ll admit to being a bit of a quote addict, but something that always pops up when I’m struggling with a decision or facing an obstacle is the first line of the Holstee Manifesto:

“This is your life.”

That reminds me that in the end, life is what I make of it, not the things that are happening to me. My actions can change everything.

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Melissa Gorzelanczyk is the author of the new book Arrows

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