6 Irresistible New Romance Novels

26 Apr 2024

6 Irresistible New Romance Novels

Capture the allure of love with these six irresistible new romance novels, each promising to sweep you off your feet and capture your heart. From passionate encounters to heartwarming connections, embark on a journey filled with longing glances and unforgettable romance.

Strange Love (Merrimack Mavericks Hockey Book 1)

by Steffanie Blais

Release Date: March 22 2024

The 1980s have been a strange decade for Ivy Owens, so it shouldn’t surprise her when the popular hockey player suggests they pretend to date to boost her social status. Ivy and Corey have their difficult pasts to come to terms with, bullies to avoid, and the potential heartbreak of first love to navigate in this nostalgic glimpse of the 1980s.

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Love at First Blizzard (Rough & Ready Country Book 1)

by Engrid Eaves

Release Date: January 30 2024

During a freak March blizzard in the Sierra Nevada, I save a sexy cellist from freezing. Instead of thanks, the deliciously curvy, frustratingly uptight classical musician declares me a creep, a dimwit, and a thief. The sheriff and FBI think I’ve kidnapped her, which isn’t too far off after a night of passion convinces me I can never let her go…

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Walls of Silence

by Susan N. Swann

Release Date: March 27 2024

Walls of Silence is a gripping tale of a woman torn between tradition and a manipulative husband. The story soon turns ugly as he creates a complicated web of deceit in this ranching community in the Texas Hill Country. Will Annie Kingman survive the secrets and deception with love from friends, family, and community?

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Elizabeth’s Mountain

by Lucille Guarino

Release Date: March 28 2024

Elizabeth and Amanda – grandmother and granddaughter – two strong, resilient women who share so much more than genetics, tell their stories of finding love in different eras, where they interweave and unwind and sometimes clash, capturing generations of change in their tales more similar than either could imagine.

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Kate & Hudson (Hibiscus Harbor Book 1)

by Annie Carlisle

Release Date: January 9 2024

When Hudson is promoted and transferred at the fire station, a chance meeting with the beautiful Bagel Lady from across the street makes him reconsider his decision to not find love. But when he sees her in his bar drowning her sorrows in tequila, he decides to do something about it. Kate doesn’t think she’s lonely, but then she meets Hudson.

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Fake Flame (First Responders Book 1)

by Adele Buck

Release Date: April 23 2024

In this fun, fast-paced romantic comedy, a bookish firefighter who knows his Jane Austen suggests a little fake dating to fend off an ex. What’s a feminist English professor to do—except say yes…

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