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Gifts For Book Lovers That Aren’t Books

Struggling to find that perfect gift for your bibliophile of a friend? Are their bookshelves overflowing to the point that ...
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mother's day smaller

The Perfect Books For Every Kind of Mom this Mother’s Day

With Mother's Day quickly approaching on May 8th, you're probably searching for the perfect gift for your mom. If your ...
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Books to read if you love NPR
/ in Gifts for Book Lovers

Books to Read if you Love NPR

The wonderful thing about NPR is the vastness of content available. There's truly something for everyone, which means lots of ...
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Gifts for Girlfriends
/ in Gifts for Book Lovers, News

Gifts for the Bookish Girlfriend

As it gets closer to Valentine's Day, you're probably wondering what you should get for that special lady in your ...
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Gifts for husbands
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Gifts for the Bookish Husband

It's that time of year again: Valentine's Day is on it's way, and the pressure is on to find the ...
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best fantasy books

Best Fantasy Books to Gift to the Wannabe Wizard

So many of the top fantasy books feature magic or sword and sorcery - and for good reason. Magic is ...
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gifts for teens

Gifts for Teens: Books by Authors Like John Green

Gifts for teens who love John Green books sounds like an easy task - John Green's books are incredibly popular ...
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cozy mysteries

Cozy Mysteries to Gift to Book Lovers in 2015

Cozy mysteries make wonderful gifts for book lovers who love a good logic puzzle (but aren't into gore or violence) ...
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urban fantasy books

The Best Urban Fantasy Books to Gift in 2015

Urban fantasy books differ from sword and sworcery fantasy in a crucial way: urban fantasy books are set in contemporary ...
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psychological thriller books

Best Psychological Thrillers to Gift in 2015

Psychological thrillers rely on chilling plots, creepy prose, and complex characters instead of gore and violence to drive suspense. If ...
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best thriller books

Best Thriller Books to Buy for Gifts in 2015

We all know that one bibliophile whose shelves are stacked with the likes of Vince Flynn, David Baldacci, and James ...
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gifts for teens (1)

Gifts for Teens: Books for Teens Who Don’t Like To Read

Gift ideas for teens can be a bit of a challenge. If your favorite teenager is a book lover, that ...
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gifts for teens

Gifts for Teens: Books for Teenagers (or Young at Heart)

Teenagers can be notoriously difficult to buy for. When I was a teenager, I'm pretty sure the only thing I ...
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fantasy books for teens

Fantasy Books for Teens: Gift Ideas for 2015

Fantasy books for teens have always been popular, but the genre has seen a particular surge in the past decade ...
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gifts for book lovers

Literary Fiction Gifts for Book Lovers

People who adore the written word typically find a lot to love in literary fiction. Beautiful prose, captivating storylines, and ...
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contemporary romance books

Contemporary Romance Novels to Gift in 2015

Ahhh, love stories. We can thank contemporary romance novels for bringing stars to our eyes and butterflies to our insides ...
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paranormal romance books

Paranormal Romance Books: Gift Ideas for 2015

If you know a book lover who loves True Blood, is solidly Team Jacob (or Team Edward), and whose favorite ...
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World war 2 books

Gifts for History Buffs: World War 2 Books to Gift in 2015

World War II was a horrifying time in history, and is an era that fascinates history buffs today. If you ...
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civil war books

Gifts for History Buffs: Civil War Books to Gift in 2015

Gifts for history buffs can be a challenge. We're admittedly based, but we love to buy books as gifts for ...
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gifts for history buffs us history

Gifts for History Buffs: US History Books To Gift in 2015

One great thing about history buffs? They're easy to buy gifts for. History gifts run the gamut of presents, from ...
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realistic fiction books

Realistic Fiction Books to Gift to Book Lovers in 2015

Having a book lover in your life can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes time for ...
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gifts for cooks
/ in Gifts for Book Lovers, Gifts for Cooks

Gifts for Cooks: Best Cookbooks for Your Favorite Foodie

One great thing about buying gifts for cooks: you have so many options. Appliances, tools, and cookbooks galore. Our favorite ...
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best historical fiction books

Best Historical Fiction Books to Buy for Gifts in 2015

The best historical fiction books make fantasic gifts for book lovers. Historical fiction is a wildly popular genre, and is ...
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gifts for a baker
/ in Gifts for Book Lovers, Gifts for Cooks

Gifts for a Baker: the Best New Baking Cookbooks to Gift

If you need gift ideas for a baker, we have an idea - why not a new cookbook? We're admittedly ...
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best historical romance novels

Best Historical Romance Novels to Gift in 2015

There's something magical about historical romance novels. The nostalgia of the past works beautifully with love stories, which is perhaps ...
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gifts for a vegetarian
/ in Gifts for Book Lovers, Gifts for Cooks

Best Vegetarian Cookbooks: Gifts for Vegetarians in 2015

The best vegetarian cookbooks don't try to imitate meat - they celebrate the ingredients at hand and help you create ...
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