Gifts for Book Lovers Who Are Fantasy Readers

Best Fantasy Books to Gift to the Wannabe Wizard

So many of the top fantasy books feature magic or sword and sorcery - and for good reason. Magic is awesome. If you need gifts for book lovers who waited for their Hogwarts letter, watched Sword in the Stone on repeat, and dressed up as a knight every year for ...
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The Best Urban Fantasy Books to Gift in 2015

Urban fantasy books differ from sword and sworcery fantasy in a crucial way: urban fantasy books are set in contemporary settings (generally urban areas, as the name implies). Think more Supernatural than Game of Thrones. If you know a book lover who is into all things ...
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Fantasy Books for Teens: Gift Ideas for 2015

Fantasy books for teens have always been popular, but the genre has seen a particular surge in the past decade. 2015 is no exception, and this year has brought us plenty of excellent fantasy books for teens. If you know a teenage biliophile who loves fantasy books, we're here to ...
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Paranormal Romance Books: Gift Ideas for 2015

If you know a book lover who loves True Blood, is solidly Team Jacob (or Team Edward), and whose favorite holiday is Halloween, this is the gift guide for you. Fall 2015 has brought us a ton of new paranormal romance books, which make great gifts for book lovers. Check ...
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