Gifts for History Buffs

Gifts for History Buffs: World War 2 Books to Gift in 2015

World War II was a horrifying time in history, and is an era that fascinates history buffs today. If you know a history lover who often delves into World War 2 books, this is the set of gift ideas for you. All of these books are brand new, and make ...
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Gifts for History Buffs: Civil War Books to Gift in 2015

Gifts for history buffs can be a challenge. We're admittedly based, but we love to buy books as gifts for history buffs (since lovers of history are lovers of information). We pulled together some of the best new Civil War books from Fall 2015 to give you some gift ideas ...
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Gifts for History Buffs: US History Books To Gift in 2015

One great thing about history buffs? They're easy to buy gifts for. History gifts run the gamut of presents, from artifacts to tomes. We think books are great gifts for history buffs, since to love history is to love information. We pulled together some of the best new US History ...
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Best Historical Fiction Books to Buy for Gifts in 2015

The best historical fiction books make fantasic gifts for book lovers. Historical fiction is a wildly popular genre, and is generally a safe bet if you know a book lover but don't know the genres she reads. Historical Fiction is quite accessible and is beloved by readers of all genres ...
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Best Historical Romance Novels to Gift in 2015

There's something magical about historical romance novels. The nostalgia of the past works beautifully with love stories, which is perhaps why historical romance novels are so popular! If you're looking for gifts for book lovers who read historical romance, this is the post for you. We've scoured this fall's new ...
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