Willow Winters discusses the Drawn to Him romance collection

18 Sep 2017

By Willow Winters

I didn’t think I’d ever do another anthology. I love them as a reader, but as an author, they can be a bit more stressful (because you have to work with other people and I’m a control freak! lol).  So I didn’t think I would venture into the anthology realm, and then the unthinkable happened.

One of my favorite authors EVER messaged me.  M. Never, the author of Owned and the writer of one of my favorite book boyfriends Kayne.  She said she wanted to put together the best collection with the most fabulous authors. And she asked me!  Of course, I didn’t even think twice.  It’s absolutely amazing to have my name next to these authors and I could not be happier with the way the Drawn to Him anthology turned out and how well the standalone romances are being received!

My romance in the exclusive collection is titled Infatuation.  It came about in a much different way than my romances normally do.  Typically I get my inspiration at night, while trying to sleep. Insomnia is the inspiration for many of my books.  Not for Infatuation though.

I was on a vacation, getting ready to board a ship to Alaska in Seattle, on the opposite side of the country, and all I could think about was Edward Cullen and Christian Grey.  All of the buildings and city skyline captured me and brought me to the setting of those fabulous books. And then I got to Alaska, specifically, the island of Ketchikan and all I could think is THIS is where the Cullens lived. The atmosphere was so gorgeous and eerily beautiful; I was in awe and hit with so much inspiration. The traditions and history of the island and purity of the nature all combined and hit me with a story that I was literally infatuated with. I hope I captured it just perfectly, so all the readers are left with the same desire not to leave the world I created, just as I felt that same pull to Ketchikan.

Here’s a little sneak peek and introduction to Infatuation…



The air is frigid and the land barren as I stare straight ahead at the quaint Alaskan island.  More than that though, it’s hauntingly beautiful.  I wrap my hands around the cold metal railing of the boat as it bobs in the water, bringing us closer to the shore. 

It’s not as cold as I imagined it would be, although the breeze and the cool spray of ocean water send a trail of goosebumps down my arms.

It’s hard not to go to the very edge and lean forward, since I want to see everything, but the waves are harsh and unforgiving.  And I don’t trust my own grip.  Chills run along my spine as I step away and sit back on the bench, farther away from the edge of the boat. 

I’ve never been to a place so gorgeous before, and I’d never planned to come here either.  I’m only here to interview a man I’ve never met.

I watch the fog billowing up the trees.  The colors are shades of soft blues and grays.  The thin clouds let only the faintest bit of light through as the night drifts in.  Picture perfect fails to describe the sight right before my eyes.

I have to remind myself that I’ll only be here for one week.  I need to get this job done and leave this place, but my God, Ketchikan is beautiful. 

It’s an old town, founded on the beliefs of ancient clans.

Everyone knows everyone on this island. 

I spent the entire flight to Seattle looking up details of this place once the internet proved useless in discovering anything at all about Alec Kulls, the man my employer was so eager to interview. 

All I know is that his family has a rich history, and wealth that keeps the island independent.  There’s not much known about the town otherwise, simply because they don’t rely on anything but the land itself. 

As the fog dips lower, revealing more of the pine trees that seem to sit on the far edge of the ocean, I think I see a man.  I blink as my lungs still, depriving me of breath.  And just like that, he’s gone. 

There’s no way anyone could be out on the edge of the forest, so close to the ocean.  I couldn’t have seen what I think I saw.

My eyes search the thick trees over and over, but there’s nothing to be found but the dense forest.

It was far off in the distance, but I know I saw him.  Out of instinct, I grab the arm of a stranger to urge whoever it is to look with me.

An old man in a thick winter coat gives me a scowl that makes his wrinkles seem even more pronounced. 

The wind whips across us and I let go of him, feeling embarrassed and alone.  I swallow thickly, turning away and muttering a small apology.  That’s how I’ve felt since I landed in Seattle and drove straight to the dock.  Alone.

I lick my lips, wrapping my arms around my chest and shaking off this odd feeling spreading through every inch of my body.  It’s slow, like the very waves that rock the ship. 

My eyes flicker to the trees on the mountain.  He’s vanished. 

I can still see him in my memory; I swear he was looking at me, too.  Even from so far away, looking so small in the dense brush.  I can practically feel his gaze on me even now. 

My heart flips in my chest in an odd way.  It feels like I should run.  It thumps hard at the thought, as if confirming my instincts.  But just then the small crew moves about me, preparing to dock. 

There’s only one way to the island, and it’s by boat.  This boat.

Once I step off this ship, there’s no going back. 

A tingle travels along my skin and pricks the back of my neck.  I stare into the trees as the boat rocks and pushes my body forward and the men hustle to tie the thick ropes to the ship. I can’t explain why I know without a doubt that the man really was there, and that he was waiting for me. 


Drawn to Him is the new romance collection from bestselling authors Willow Winters, M. Never, L.J. Shen, K. Webster, Jade West, Isabella Starling, A. Zavarelli, and K.L. Kreig.

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