Why we Love Jennifer Weiner

12 Aug 2015

Some people we love because they make us laugh. Some people we love because they tell it how it is. Some people we love, well, just because we have to. Visit the Twitter account of Jennifer Weiner, New York Times best selling author of the new release Who Do You Love, and you may find yourself loving her as much as we do.

Love watching the ill-fated match ups on the bachelor? Jennifer Weiner’s live commentary makes them all the more entertaining.

Bachelor in paradise tweet 1

Bachelor in paradise tweet 2

Bachelor in Paradise Tweet 3

Love women making a stand against archaic societal standards? Jennifer Weiner made some great points while live tweeting the GOP debate.

GOP tweet 2

GOP Tweet 1

GOP tweet 3

Love settling into a romance novel? Jennifer Weiner’s Who Do You Love is available and only a click away.

Who do you love tweet 1


Check out Jennifer Weiner’s new release, Who Do You Love!

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