Top 20 Pinterest Boards for Readers

01 Apr 2015

Looking for Pinterest boards to check out some new books? Buy gifts for fellow bookworms? Get some ideas on how to store your book collection (that seems to magically grow without you even realizing it)?

Check out these top 20 Pinterest boards for readers – all boards listed below have been active within the past 5 weeks so they’re likely to keep updating!

  • Bookworm by Maureen Jordan: Inspirational quotes and book recommendations (Over 400 pins, 56k followers)
  • All Things Books by Mandy Hoffman: Need some cute pick-me-up quotes for bookworms? Get them here (Over 1.1k pins, 700 followers)
  • Bookery by Kris Irvin: Cute quotes but also great gift ideas for book lovers (Over 400 pins, 50 followers)
  • Book Community Board: “This is a board for #book #recommendations (see also and for images of libraries, book shops, book art, book cartoons, people reading books, etc. Please pin in moderation as this board has over 2,500 contributors” (Over 138k pins, 51k followers)

Dont you ever do anything besides read

  • Books by Jane Wang: “A respect for books was an unspoken given when I was growing up and I was encouraged to read good books because there was no time to read all books.” (Over 400 pins, 2 million followers)
  • Books! I can’t get enough! by Gretchen“Liked, loved, and want to read. Reviews and book related fun.” (Over 2k pins, 4k followers)
  • I am a bookworm by Sonya Sanford: Primarily cuteness and general humor for those who love to read (Over 6k pins, 1.4k followers)
  • Random House: Their official Pinterest board – “The images and ideas that are inspiring us at Random House” (Over 2k pins, 7k followers)

I have a terrible sleeping disorder

  • Book Club Snacks by Tina Tretinjak: Exactly what the title says – ideas for snacks for your book club meetings (Over 50 pins, 100 followers)
  • Apps & Book Club Snacks by Rachel Harris: More options to check out for book club snack ideas (Over 150 pins, 180 followers)
  • Goodreads: “Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations,” so they have a ton of great boards to follow depending on the genres you like (Over 1.5k pins, 68k followers)
  • Penguin Random House: Too many excellent boards to choose from, personal favorite would have to be the Literary Tattoos board (Over 6.6k pins, 1.4 million followers)

There is no bookaholics anonymous

  • Romance Novel Junkies Reviews by Risque Beauti: Fans of romance novels will want to check out these books and the reviews (Over 140 pins, 1.3k followers)
  • Best Young Adult Fiction: Several collaborators add to this board with the claim of “Great YA Fiction that is worth reading and promoting in school libraries” (Over 60 pins, 230 followers)
  • ! Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books: “Fantasy and Sci-Fi Book Board. Pin book covers or reviews of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal, Magic, and all the sub-genres.” (Over 600 pins, 3k followers)
  • Barnes & Noble: The official Pinterest account for Barnes & Noble – absolutely loving the “Jokes for Book Nerds” board in particular (Over 2k pins, 7k followers)


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