The Story Behind Sky Parlor by Stephen Perkins

10 Jun 2019

By Stephen Perkins

I’ve often heard it said and believed the following to ring true, the best examples of creative fiction – like that of Charles Dickens, for example –  not only serve as cultural signposts or profound commentaries upon the times in which the author has lived, but can also – beneath the visible surface – become transcendent examples of not just clever storytelling, but mythmaking.

The renowned philosopher, Joseph Campbell, once claimed the creation of myths act as cultural foundations and touchstones, and revered exaltations of elevated ideals – in essence – an idealized image; everything a people would like to believe about itself. Campbell was also rumored to have uttered something that could be applicable to what it means to becoming an author of creative fiction: “It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”

The kindle edition of my highly-anticipated new novel, science fiction/fantasy/supernatural/suspense/thriller, Sky Parlor – which is now live on Amazon, with print editions soon to follow – dares to delve into the abyss of mankind’s future and pose hypothetical scenarios regarding his relationships with developing technologies, and how that developing relationship will possibly affect his evolutionary process going forward.

In the future, will man and machine learn to procreate?

What sort of species will result, and will the hypothetical results become – ultimately – detrimental or hopeful?

Added to this – there is the supernatural element.

Have ancient gods, throughout the ages, been active in directing the affairs of humankind?

And, there is the question of reincarnation.

Or, as the opening lines to Sky Parlor’s prologue would have it: Is the past, present and future but one moment; have the distant and the dead always been with us – do the joys and the sorrows of forgotten lives frolic in the air like electric current waiting to be reborn?

With an epic narrative containing mythical and ancient gods, the resurrection of legendary historical figures, sometimes reluctant but – in the end – ardent heroes and Machiavellian villains, it is my sincere hope Sky Parlor will represent an enjoyable and transcendent literary journey for both new and loyal readers alike!


Stephen Perkins is the author of the new book Sky Parlor.

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