The Story Behind Perfect Grump by Nicole Snow

31 Aug 2021

By Nicole Snow

Office love, enemies-to-lovers, and a fiery connection between two total opposites. All the fiercest romance feels are here and waiting to grab you by the hand. I’m a firm believer in taking old tropes for a fresh new spin, and my latest book, Perfect Grump, gave me a wonderful opportunity to live my best writerly life in an original way.

What’s different? Reese Halle begins our story as a company driver for Nicholas Brandt, the ultimate bosshole. There are a thousand lovely assistant-boss romances out there (and I’ve written a few of them myself using that structure), but throwing them together in brutal Chicago traffic and forced proximity gives hatred, passion, and an unbelievable love a unique chance to spark. And sparks lead to an unforgettable burn for these two heart-worn characters. The battle is on against their own pasts, their present, and toward an unexpectedly intense attraction to the very end.

She’s smart-mouthed, driven, and her shocking dilemma comes totally out of the blue. He’s controlling, grumpy, and a hot mess with a wicked reputation—until he’s called to play the hero. Their hearts are equal parts insufferable and inseparable from the moment they meet. Nick shows off a hilarious case of foot-in-mouth syndrome. Reese is having none of his antics. Together, they’re a volatile chemistry experiment that blows open all the big questions in life worth asking. Oh, and there’s also the whole forbidden workplace issue to confront when the sizzle becomes an inferno.

Complicated? Oh, yes. We all like it that way, right?

The romance novel is a dreamscape where true love is the journey, the final destination, and something to win. If you’ve read my other books, you know I’m unapologetically vicious to my characters. Their banter, misunderstandings, and downright painful blunders over each other’s hearts will make you wince at times.

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book Perfect Grump

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