The Story Behind No Perfect Hero by Nicole Snow

08 Apr 2019

By Nicole Snow

Small places. Huge hearts. Dark secrets.

That’s the soul of a small town called Heart’s Edge in my latest romance thriller, No Perfect Hero. I wanted to do something that’d test the hell out of the headstrong, wounded, over-the-top alpha male heroes I love. When I’m in charge of the storytelling, these boys can’t catch a break.

Poor Warren. Our star hero came home to settle old scores in a family tragedy, only to smack right into Little Miss Mustang and her ten-year-old niece, Tara. Warren, snarlypants that he is, doesn’t take kindly to strangers up in his business – especially when those strangers are in his house without explanation.

It’s all a big mistake. A mix up. That’s how it begins.

Our heroine, Haley, would slap the dreaded m-word on her entire life so far: an engagement ruined by her ex, a pink slip at work, and lackluster art career. She’s left Seattle with her tail between her legs with only little Tara for comfort. So when the car starts sputtering in a little off-the-map mountain town, it seems like it can’t do worse.

But actually…Heart’s Edge isn’t half bad. It’s homey, beautiful, and offers second chance at life like candy. Too bad Haley doesn’t get the big picture until she crashes into Warren Ford.

She doesn’t expect a huge, angry mountain man in her face.

He doesn’t expect a feisty, gorgeous young woman who gives it right back.

They don’t expect to feel anything like the inferno that catches as two lives tangle up with the lore, the secrets, and the drama of this town.

Can you tell I love small town lovin’? There are so many romance authors who’ve done amazing things with the trope. Now it’s my turn.

No Perfect Hero wouldn’t be a book by yours truly if it wasn’t twisted. There’s unfinished business, there’s loss, there’s legends that will test the hearts of these characters to the breaking point. There’s love scenes so hot you might want to make sure you’re stocked up on ice. There’s laughs with quirky side characters. More than anything, there’s a romance here between Warren and Haley that made me truly proud to type THE END.

In Heart’s Edge, it’s tradition for two lovers to make a promise when they throw fresh flowers over the scenic cliff. It’s almost like a ritual so two battered hearts can let go and love with everything. But what would be the fun without making those hearts dance through the flames a little first?

Warren and Hay, you’re on. And I hope you’ll accept my invite to Heart’s Edge, dear reader, where the heroes are ginormous and the craziest, best kind of love lives in a small place with its secrets.

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book No Perfect Hero.

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