Exciting New Titles from Promontory Press Coming in June 2015

11 Jun 2015


Spring 2015 Book Launches

Exciting things are happening over at Promontory Press this spring! Join us in our eagerness for fifteen new titles to hit the shelves and become part of your book collection.

Let’s start by highlighting our blockbuster of the season: His Life Through My Eyes by Gobi M. Rahimi. A close friend of Tupac Shakur, Gobi Rahimi became close with Tupac during the last eight months of his life while he worked alongside him as the co-producer and director of many of Tupac’s music videos and short films. An intimate peek inside Tupac Shakur’s last days, His Life Through My Eyes displays raw photographs taken by Gobi himself during his time working directly with Tupac.

Throughout the eight months that solidified their friendship, Gobi saw firsthand the great man who was—and still is—known around the world as a legendary hip-hop and rap star. He discovered that Tupac was not only the most hardworking person he had ever met, but also one of the most caring, especially towards his family, friends, fans, and music. All of this is captured through Gobi’s behind-the-scenes photographs, where the essence of Tupac is very genuine. Pick up or order a copy of His Life Through My Eyes to uncover this authentic look into Tupac’s last months, and an extra copy for that hip-hop fan in your life!

Additional Releases

Looking for a quirky read that somehow manages to be light-hearted and dark all at once? Secrets, Lies, and Champagne Highs by Jeanette Hubbard is the perfect read to have a laugh while some well deserving characters get their comeuppance.

Four Homeless Millionaires by Rik Leaf is a laugh-out-loud travel memoir. He must be pretty crazy to pack up his family and go on a worldwide expedition. Find out what made him do it and what he experienced along the way.

These are our June releases that will be sure to satisfy your next book craving, so be sure to browse our newest selection!

Your Promontory Press Team.

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