New Romantic Suspense Series: 2016 New Book List

04 Feb 2016

When you’re looking for spine tingling suspense to go with your heart racing romance, romantic suspense is the perfect sort of read.  The combination of mystery and romance is the savory sweat treat of the literary world. If you’re looking for a new romantic suspense series to read this year we’ve picked out six you can start with. More interested in stand alone romances? Check out this Romantic Suspense post.

New Romantic Suspense Series

Lightning Lingers: Lightning Strikes Series

Barbara Freethy

Price: Only $5.99!

Number in the Series: Book 2

With her brother fleeing the country, Katherine sees no other choice but to ask her old flame, Jake, for help. Because if the killer chasing her brother is as driven as he seems, it’ll take more than crossing the southern border to stop him.

Fatal Burn: West Coast Series

Lisa Jackson

Number in the Series: Book 2

Shannon Flannery can’t seem to convince anyone that someone is after her, except for ex-Special Forces Agent Travis Settler. With her dark past and her daughter missing, there’s plenty of reason for Shannon to fear for her life. Can she trust a man she barely knows to help her?

I’ll Never Let You Go: The Morgans of Nashville Series

Mary Burton

Number in the Series: Book 3

Her ex husband is watching her, and as the evidence piles up, Leah Carson knows its only a matter of time before he comes after her again. Agent Alex Morgan is suspicious of the random events as well, and when the dead body of a woman is found with the same MO, they both know he’s only waiting for the right moment to strike.

Out of the Shadows: Tangled Ivy Series

Tiffany Snow

Number in the Series: Book 3

Ivy Mason has faced plenty of trouble, and run from even more. Now she’s after a cure for a deadly, man-made disease, and squarely in the crosshairs of infamous assassin Vega. Devon Clay, British agent and romantic interest, is looking to hunt down Vega before he can get Ivy, but will their relationship make it through the secrets these conflicts unearth?

Into the Fury: Boss Inc. Series

Kat Martin

Number in the Series: Book 1

In this new romantic suspense series, Ethan Brodie has a new mission: protect the lingerie models touring the country. He knows he has to keep a sharp eye out for any imminent threats, and his hands to himself, but there’s more to most of the models than meets the eye. When one is found murdered, Ethan is forced to ask: what happens when the killer is one of the girls he’s protecting?

She Can Kill: She Can Series

Melinda Leigh

Number in the Series: Book 5

After 12 years for fleeing for his life from a ruthless cartel, Cristan Rojas is tired. He wants a peaceful life for himself and her daughter. And he thinks he’s found it in the small town of Westbury, Pennsylvania. But this little town has dangers too, dangers that can do more than destroy his relationship with Sarah Mitchell.

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