Interview with Jamie Anderson, Author of Love, Julie

08 May 2024

What’s the story behind the story? What inspired you to write Love, Julie?

Julie is a secondary character in my first book and I thought that she deserved her own story. I’ve struggled with a lot of things she struggled with and I wanted people to know that it’s okay to talk about life’s challenges, even if it can make people uncomfortable.

If you had to pick theme songs for the main characters of Love, Julie, what would they be?

I actually had a Spotify playlist for Julie so this question is great! A few of the songs were: “Here We Go” by Wild; “Mess is Mine” by Vance Joy and “Story of My Life” by One Direction.

What’s your favorite genre to read? Is it the same as your favorite genre to write?

I love reading Thrillers and Mysteries which are a bit different than the books I have written so far.

What books are on your TBR pile right now?

I own over 200 books that I haven’t read — obviously I have problem — but the next book on my pile is Fayne by Ann-Marie MacDonald. I saw it at the bookstore about a month ago and, despite the fact that I’d promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more books, it called to me. I used to read her books when I was in my twenties so I’m looking forward to reading this one as someone who is um, slightly older.

What scene in your book was your favorite to write?

Without giving anything away, I’ll say the only scene that takes place in Julie’s bedroom. Read into that what you like. 🙂

Do you have any quirky writing habits? (lucky mugs, cats on laps, etc.)

I don’t know if this is that quirky but I like to have complete quiet when I write. I can’t listen to music or anything. If the pigeons are going crazy on my roof I have to play white noise.

Do you have a motto, quote, or philosophy you live by?

Great question! These kinds of things change for me, depending on what is going on in my life. Right now it’s: Worrying today is not going to make your future fear any easier.

If you could choose one thing for readers to remember after reading your book, what would it be?

If you’re struggling, reach out to someone. There are always more people out there who care than you think. Also: love yourself first.


Jamie Anderson is the author of the new book Love, Julie

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