New Fiction to Read for #FridayReads

18 Sep 2015

Well hello there! We have a new recommendation for your To Be Read list (#sorrynotsorry), and it’s at the top of our #fridayreads pile this weekend. If you’re literarily inclined, you may follow the Man Booker Prize. This past week Steve Toltz, former Man Booker Finalist, released a new book, Quicksand. The Guardian called it “swaggering” and we couldn’t agree more.  An intense, character driven tale, Quicksand tells the intertwining stories of Aldo and Liam, one criminal entrepreneur, one jaded cop, that have been friends since high school. Filled with charming, nihilistic, non sequitur musings, Quicksand will set your rusty cognitive cogs in motion. Love Dave Eggers and David Foster Wallace? Don’t miss out on this darkly humorous and sublimely satirical new literary fiction book.

Our favorite of Aldo’s musings?

“With medical science improving at roughly the same rate as our environmental situation worsens, the most likely scenario is that the world will become uninhabitable at the precise moment that the human race becomes immortal”  

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