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14 May 2015

Discover May’s “fresh-from-the-oven” books from Promontory Press!

We are a traditional book publisher focused on making our industry more accessible to both established and new authors. We believe in taking risks to publish the right books for our readers and in having a great time while doing it!

Here are all of the exciting titles coming out in May:


The Devil’s Music 

by Pearl R. Meaker

Emory Crawford is an unassuming empty-nester, living in the quiet town of Twombly with her husband, her knitting, and her bluegrass music. When a renowned ethnomusicologist is found murdered at nearby Twombly University, Emory’s curiosity gets the better of her, and she uses all of the skills at her disposal to uncover the mystery. The Devil’s Music is a cozy mystery in the style of Agatha Christie and Diane Mott Davidson, and is the first book in the ongoing Emory Crawford Mysteries series.

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Little Guy

by Heather Gardan

Patti’s biggest wish has come true; she has the horse she wanted so badly. But he is a lame horse, he doesn’t really belong to her, she might never be able to ride him, and she loves him already… Patti’s story with Little Guy has only just begun!

Patti jumps enthusiastically into the complicated world of horses and riding, learning to deal with the ups and downs of acquiring new skills, competition with other kids, and problem-solving in a completely new setting. Little Guy is the second book in Patti’s story.

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Threaten to Undo Us

by Rose Seiler Scott

Threaten to Undo Us is based on true events.

As Hitler’s Third Reich crumbles and Stalin’s Army advances, German civilians in the Eastern territories are forced to flee for their lives.

Leaving her dying mother, Liesel and her four young children hope they can make it from their home in Poland across the Oder River to safety. But all that awaits them is terror and uncertainty in a brutal new regime that threatens to tear Liesel’s family apart.

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The Treasure of Malaga Cove

by John Gillgren

On a dangerous journey around the tip of South America and up the west coast of the Americas, Sir Francis Drake and his crew face violent storms at sea and battles with Spanish and Portuguese Men-O-War. Finally, Drake must deal with a mutiny on his own flag ship.

Four hundred years later, Carmine Cali is learning to dive off the coast of southern California when his partner Nelson Bartlett swears he sees a skull hidden in the grasses off Malaga Cove. Follow Carmine, his wife Elaine, and their children Snail, Carmen and Caroline in their search for the enigmatic skull.

The Treasure of Malaga Cove is the first book in the adventures of the Cali family.

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Fearful Master

by Arthur Lawrence

America is at war in several Middle Eastern states, and anti-Muslim sentiment is everywhere. Jason Currie, a Canadian intelligence analyst, has been assigned to SECOR, Homeland Security’s far more powerful replacement. Because of his Lebanese background, Jason is falsely detained with innocent Muslims, but is rescued by his SECOR superior, General Hawk.

Meanwhile, Miriam, Jason’s ex-lover, and an ardent protestor, has fled to Guadalajara, Mexico. Upon their return to LA, Hawk sends Jason to Mexico to lure Miriam back but, before he can help her, Jason is held captive, and is forced to confront the dark and covert world of US anti-terrorism.

Fearful Master is the debut novel from Arthur Lawrence.

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Guided to Wisdom

by Susan D’Agostino

Diagnosed with cancer, Susan understood intuitively that invasive medical techniques wouldn’t save her, and she turned inward to confront and overcome a lifetime of emotional damage. With guidance and grace, Susan unlocked her own inner power and resolved not only the cancer, but her life-long battle with depression, and a failing marriage. Today she is 10-years cancer free, happy and very much in love.

Guided to Wisdom is not just her story, but an honest, deeply personal guidebook to help others discover their own potential.

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