Margaret Atwood Books: New Release in 2015

28 Sep 2015

Are you already a fan of Margaret Atwood Books? Join the rest of the fanclub this week in welcoming a new book into our shelves.

The Heart Goes Last is Margaret Atwood’s newest release. An at times vicious look at love, marriage, freedom, and death, The Heart Goes Last is just as heart wrenching as the rest of Margaret Atwood’s books. Consider her newest book to be a mix between the apocalyptic landscape of the MaddAddam Series, mixed with the social and sexual commentary of The Handmaids Tale.

In The Heart Goes Last the reader follows along with the dual point of views of Charmaine, a sweet, positive woman with a hidden dark side, and her husband Stan, a blunt, self aware, but often negative man. The book begins with the couple living in their car in a financially ruined urban landscape, with thieves and worse in every alley. Their lives take a lovely, idyllic turn when they sign themselves up for, and effectively sacrifice their futures to, a new sort of planned community: Consilience, a part prison, part retro village compound, the likes of which will soon sprout up around the nation. As the book progresses Stan and Charmaine come to know the dark secrets that lie behind the cheerful veneer of Consilience’s media campaigns, as well as the darkness that hides behind their own content smiles.

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