Chat with Rachel Van Dyken, Author of The Consequence of Seduction

09 Feb 2016

Looking for a new book boyfriend? Love hunky Hollywood men? New York Times Best Selling Author Rachel Van Dyken has you covered in her new release, The Consequence of Seduction, available February 9th, 2016!


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Rachel Van Dyken is the author of the new book The Consequence of Seduction.

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Reid Emory, Hollywood heart throb, has always had good luck with the ladies. He knows exactly how to wield his shockingly blue eyes and mischievous grin… until lately when his luck seems to have run out. He needs help, and he knows exactly who he can rely on and trust to take his career and his love life to the next level.

Publicist Jordan Litwright is happy to stay in the background while her clients bask in the limelight, but when a publicity stunt goes awry, she finds herself in the spotlight… as Reid’s newest girlfriend. As Reid’s fame continues to grow and their made for media romance comes under scrutiny, will their budding romance melt to nothing in the heat, or burst into an intense flame?

We’ve talked with Rachel about a number of her releases. To read more about her other books, check out 5 Sumptuous Things About Mafia Romances, With Rachel Van Dyken, Interview With Rachel Van Dyken, Author of The Dark Ones, and Interview with Rachel Van Dyken, Author of Capture!

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