Interview with Rachel Van Dyken, author of The Dark Ones

30 Sep 2015
Tell us a little bit about your new release, The Dark Ones.

The Dark Ones takes place in present day Seattle, Washington. Genesis, a human trained to “serve” the immortals’ time is up, she’s been called to the elders, and suddenly the world she’s been studying her whole life becomes her reality only it’s not what she expects and her very life may be in danger. Lots of romance and suspense follows as one of the Vampires claims her to keep her safe from the King of the immortals…who wants her for himself.

What is your favorite part of writing paranormal romance?

Honestly, this was one of my first stabs at it! it was really fun because I felt like I was able to really stretch outside my comfort zone and create a world that in my mind could exist but doesn’t.

How do you feel about Twilight?

I adored Twilight when it released and to this day still think it’s a great series to re-read.

What are your favorite paranormal novels?

I LOVE anything by Kresley Cole or JR Ward!

Where did you get your inspiration for the paranormal beings in The Dark Ones?

I had previously written a book about angels and nephilim (when I first started writing) and wanted to expand on the subject matter.

How do you choose names for your Paranormal characters?

Pretty much the same way you choose any book character….you google haha, no but seriously, I do a lot of researching online. I chose Genesis name based on the meaning behind it, the beginning.

Would you rather date a vampire or a werewolf?

Vampire, all the way.

What’s your favorite quote from The Dark Ones?

You’d know if I bit you.” ( Ethan)

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love Halloween? Do you have any costume plans for this year yet?

I love halloween b/c I adore seeing all the little kids dressed up! I plan on dressing my son as his namesake, Thor. And doing the same for my husband, I’m even going to grab hubby a wig! Haha!

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Rachel Van Dyken is the author of the new book The Dark Ones.

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