Books to Read if You Like Ruth Cardello

12 Jul 2017

Ruth Cardello is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, specializing in contemporary romance books that feature a combination of escapism and realism. This approach has seen her gain a faithful following of readers. Some of her most popular series include the Barrington Billionaires, Lone Star Burn, Legacy Collection and The Andrades. If you are craving some new romance reads that will get your heart racing, then check out these brand new steamy contemporary romance books we think you will love!

Books To Read If You Like Ruth Cardello

Priceless Kiss

Amelia Wilde

Release Date: July 6, 2017

I’m in the business of acquiring the planet’s most coveted objects. Nothing gives me more of a thrill than finding and buying pieces with unbelievable value… and selling them for a massive profit. That was until I met her. She might have the world’s most tantalizing body, but she’s made it clear that I have no chance. It’s a challenge I can’t turn down. I’ll stop at nothing to make her mine.

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The Island

Alice Ward

Release Date: July 8, 2017

The moment I lay eyes on Kendra Baxter, I know I must have her. But this daughter of a Navy SEAL doesn’t take orders. So I do what any powerful billionaire CEO would do — I take her on as my intern. Only, fate has other ideas. My perfect plan of attack is flawed, and our plane crashes on a deserted island. Here, who I am doesn’t matter. I’m not a CEO anymore. I’m just a man.

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Carian Cole

Release Date: June 24, 2017

He was the myth and the legend of our small town. But no one knew the truth… except me. He’s possibly as damaged as I am. Maybe even more. Scarred just as much on the inside as the outside. He doesn’t speak or smile. He hides in the woods like an animal. I should be scared of him. But I’m not. He’s the only one that has ever made me feel. And I want to make him feel, too.

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Violent Hearts

Linnea May

Release Date: July 8, 2017

Rich, powerful and cunning. At 29 years old, I’m running an empire, I built from the ground up. The political world is next. I want my voice heard and my name on the ballot. But my character credentials are lacking. I need a woman at my side, under contract. Someone with a pretty smile to show off to the public, to make me look like a trustworthy, loyal man. Ann Porter is the woman I want for the job.

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The Cowboy’s Nanny

Emerson Rose

Release Date: July 11, 2017

Being branded the sexiest man alive is a curse. The day People Magazine gave me that title and plastered me on every newsstand in the country was the day my life got complicated. Finding a nanny is hard enough, but now every applicant wants to sleep with me, and I don’t do the nanny. It’s my only rule, and I never break it. Until now, when Stella arrived.

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Wicked Grind

J. Kenner

Release Date: July 11, 2017

Photographer Wyatt Royce’s career is on the verge of exploding. All he needs is one perfect model to be the centerpiece of his sexy and controversial new show. Find her, and Wyatt is sure to have a winner. Then Kelsey Draper walks in. Stunning. Vibrant. And far too fragile for a project like this. Wyatt should know—after all, he remembers only too well how their relationship ended all those years ago.

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