Books to Read if You Like Nicholas Sparks

01 Jun 2016

Nicholas Sparks is probably one of the best-known authors in the world. His heart-wrenching and emotional romance novels are timeless, and many of them have been turned into critically-acclaimed movie adaptations (ever heard of The Notebook?). If you’ve ever read one of his books, you’ve probably cried both out of sadness and joy. They take you on a wild emotional journey, but there is usually a positive conclusion at the end. If you’re looking for more books that will pull at your heart-strings, take a look at this list of books to read if you like Nicholas Sparks.

Books to Read if You Like Nicholas Sparks

B01DAN17CS cover image

I Wish I Could Remember You

L.J. Epps

Release Date: March 21, 2016

Emily dreams of having the perfect romance in her life that will lead to a great marriage. When she meets and marries Steven Montgomery, she hopes that he will give her all of these things. Their relationship starts out great, but Steven starts to abuse Emily. She tries to divorce Steven so she can pursue the new love of her life, Robert, but she gets into a horrible accident and loses all memory of the terrible things Steven has done to her. Dealing with the aftermath of an accident and having two men telling her that they love her, Emily is confused and wants everything to start over.

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When I Lost You

Kelly Rimmer

Release Date: April 21, 2016

Since they’ve been married, Leo and Molly thought that they could take on any challenge that the world threw at them. When Leo gets in an accident that makes him lose all his memory, Molly has to work to get him to remember her. But nothing is quite as it seems… Molly has a massive secret, and their relationship was going south before the accident. When Leo’s memory starts to return, will Molly lose the man she loves?

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Stealing Home

Sherryl Woods

Release Date: December 1, 2014

Maddie Townsend’s life is a wreck. She just got divorced, has no job skills, and has to take care of her three children. To make things worse, she finds out that her 16-year-old son’s baseball coach has feelings for her, which sparks disapproving chatter from the townfolks of Serenity. Will Maddie step up to the plate and face all of these newfound challenges in her life?

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Worth the Wait

Jamie Beck

Release Date: March 17, 2015

After enduring a difficult childhood, Vivi LeBrun has always dreamed of having a better life. The St. James family recused her from all of her struggles, and one member of the family in particular has been her saving grace. She fell for David St. James the moment she met him, but he never felt quite the same about her. Years later after distancing himself from his family, David realizes that he may have feelings for Vivi. Will he be able to show his true feelings before she gives up on him?

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The House by the Lake

Ella Carey

Release Date: March 29, 2016

Anna has a great life built up for herself. To her surprise, everything changes when her grandfather Max tells her that her family was part of a European aristocracy during World War II and lost everything by the time it was over. To fulfill Max’s wishes, she goes to Germany to look for a secret memento. During her search, she is drawn to a man named Wil, who may be able to help her uncover the mystery.

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B00K6NJZZ2 cover image

Not Quite Forever

Catherine Bybee

Release Date: November 4, 2014

Dakota Laurens is a romance author, but she doesn’t believe in happily ever afters as much as the characters in her books. That is, until she meets Dr. Walt Eddy. The attraction between the two of them is instant and mutual. Suddenly, Walt disappears and leave Dakota heart-broken. He’s scarred from a past tragedy, so his life has been anything but easy. When he feels that he’s ready for love, he comes back into Dakota’s life and tries to win her back.

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