Books To Read If You Like Madison Faye

31 Jan 2019

Books To Read If You Like Madison Faye

Madison Faye is a USA Today Bestselling Author of steamy contemporary romance novels. If you love sizzling love stories you’ve probably heard her popular series like the Blackthorn Mountain Men and Sugar County Boys. Her most recent release, Taking Back His Bride, was also in the Amazon Charts Top 10! If you like hot romance reads and are craving something new, we think you’ll love these new books to read if you like Madison Faye!

Free to Breathe

by Tracey Jerald

Release Date: January 20, 2019

Baker Corinna Freeman had to cut all ties with the handsome military officer, Colby Hunt, when she found out what he really thought about her and her cooking. She was heartbroken and carrying secrets she was too young to shoulder. Now ten years later, he’s back in the picture and acting like nothing has changed between them.

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by Winter Renshaw

Release Date: January 21, 2019

I went in looking for a tattoo and came out with a broody and enigmatic demigod with a mysterious past. We were complete opposites but I wanted him in the worst possible way. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t emotionally available. It didn’t matter that my father would disapprove. It didn’t matter that he made me promise not to fall for him. None of it mattered because I was addicted to this beautifully tortured soul.

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We Shouldn’t

by Vi Keeland

Release Date: January 19, 2019

Bennett Fox walked into my life at the worst possible time. I was running late on the first day of my new job and a meter maid wrote me a ticket. Then as I tried to regift the ticket to the identical car in front of me, I accidentally broke their windshield wiper. Things couldn’t get any worse… Then I met a gorgeous man in the elevator. Maybe things weren’t so bad after all?

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Forever Winter

by Alexa Riley

Release Date: January 22, 2019

Winter never expected her life to change when she agreed to go to a charity event for her best friend. That night she met a sexy stranger who saved her from a creep. Winter allowed herself to give in to the temptation. But their rendezvous gets interrupted by a fire alarm and she loses the handsome stranger in the chaos.

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If I Only Knew

by Corinne Michaels

Release Date: January 28, 2019

Everything was perfect in my life until a tragedy pulled the rug out from under me… I had no husband. My children had no father. Instead of wallowing in grief I distracted myself with work. Getting a promotion as the CEO’s right hand was exactly what I needed. But working with Milo Huxley is exactly the opposite. I can’t stand him.

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The Substitute

by Mickey Miller

Release Date: January 10, 2019

The NFL is on strike, so Super Bowl Champion Peyton O’Rourke thinks it would be fun to go back to his hometown and be a substitute teacher and high school football coach. There is just one thing he didn’t count on… Maddy Cooper being newly single.

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