Books to Read if You Like Carla Neggers

31 Aug 2016

If you pick up a book by Carla Neggers, you’re going to encounter a load of gripping suspense with a dash of romance on the side. Her series, such as Sharpe & Donovan and Black Falls, provide readers with a breath-taking experience that will keep them on the edge of their seats. With almost 70 novels under her belt, Neggers has plenty of books for you to devour. If you’ve already binge read through Liar’s Key, why not pick up one of our recommendations for books to read if you like Carla Neggers!

Books to Read if You Like Carla Neggers


The Dragon’s Staircase

McKenna Grey & Everly Archard

Release Date: August 31, 2016

Alexa Kyndall has been an FBI agent for eight years, and she never shows mercy to those who have wronged others. Her newest task is to hunt down a crazed serial killer, but she will come in contact with something she never expected along the way. Alexa meets Craig Peterson during her investigation, and he joins her in her efforts to find the criminal at large. Craig has his own dark past, but he will have to throw that aside to help Alexa protect their town.

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Seconds to Live

Melinda Leigh

Release Date: June 28, 2016

Since Mac Barrett has a lot of bad memories from his hometown, he tries to avoid going back as much as he can. Nevertheless, he is forced to return when finds out that his dad is dying. When he discovers that his dad passed away before his arrival, Mac is devastated and heads to a remote cabin in the woods. On his way to the cabin, he almost hits a naked body on the side of the road. To his surprise, the body disappears after he regains consciousness. Mac teams up with police detective Stella Dane to figure out how a dead body could suddenly disappear, and they run into a crazy killer along the way.

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Only Her

Sandra Owens

Release Date: July 19, 2016

After former SEAL Cody Roberts returns home from his service, all he wants is to be left alone. But when he realizes that the gorgeous veterinarian next door, Riley Austin, is being targeted by an enemy, he has to step up and help. Someone has been poisoning Riley’s animals, and she’s desperate to find out what’s going on. While Cody and Riley investigate the mystery together, they develop a deep attraction for one another.

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Summer Rain

Barbara Freethy

Release Date: August 1, 2016

Danielle Monroe just got a new job in Washington DC, and she’s ready to work her way up the political ladder. Unfortunately, the thing that’s holding her back from reaching her goal are the secrets behind her father’s death. While she tries to put the pieces of the puzzle together, a dangerously attractive stranger appears out of nowhere. Patrick Kane has his own struggles to deal with, but Danielle may be the key to his happiness. If the two want to achieve their dreams and find happiness, they’ll have to fight to stay alive.

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Haunted Destiny

Heather Graham

Release Date: June 1, 2016

When a historic cruise ship sets sail from New Orleans, no one realizes that there’s a killer on board. Jackson Crowe works for the paranormal division of the FBI, and he is assigned to work on the case with Jude McCoy, a local police agent. When Alexi Cromwell, a worker on the ship sees a ghost with Jude, things start to get a little weird. Alexi and Jude develop an attraction for one another, and they must work together to find out who the killer is.

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Karen Robards

Release Date: March 29, 2016

Gina Sullivan is a well-known ornithologist, and she has set out on a research trip to the island of Attu off the coast of Alaska. One day, a small plane comes hurdling from the sky and crashes near their research boat. James “Cal” Callahan is the only survivor from the crash, and Gina goes out of her way to rescue him. When they return to her camp, Gina finds that her whole team has been murdered. Can she trust this man who she just met, or will she go out alone and risk running into the killer?

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