Books To Read If You Like Action Romances

15 Mar 2017

Explosions, car chases and heroes vs villains aren’t just reserved for the latest suspense and thriller novels. There’s also plenty of fireworks in the romance genre, with the fiery chemistry between protagonists and action-packed storylines. If you like your love stories to be a little more adventurous, check out our list of books to read if you like action romances!

Books To Read If You Like Action Romances

Made of Steel

Ivy Smoak

Release Date: March 13, 2017

My name is Summer Brookes and I had my whole life figured out. But even though I fell in love with a prince, my life wasn’t meant to be a fairy tale. Everything was taken away from me. After ten years of pain and torture I am free. But I’m not the girl I used to be. I now live amongst the villains and I have a darkness inside I can’t escape. The only one tht could possibly understand is someone who knows what it’s like to hide in the shadows. Someone who also lives behind a mask. The only thing I know for sure is somebody is watching me and I hope it isn’t my past catching up with me.

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Brighter Than the Sun

Maya Banks

Release Date: March 7, 2017

Joe is the last unattached member of the Kelly Group International (KGI). He is ready to risk his life for a mission’s success, but when it comes to love, he keeps his distance. He’s quite content in watching his brothers become domesticated. Zoe’s had her fair share of heartbreak in her life and she’s determined to start over with a completely new identity. But when she meets Joe Kelly , his gorgeous smile and tender words weaken her resolve to never risk her heart again. When the secrets of Zoe’s past resurface and threaten to tear them apart, Joe will put everything on the line.

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Her True Match

Paige Tyler

Release Date: March 7, 2017

Feline shifter Dreya Clark feels like she’s dodged a bulet when she’s escorted from a police interrogation by two secret agents. When she finds out she’s being recruited for her shifter abilities by the Department of Covert Operations, she suddenly misses the hot cop with the piercing gaze. Detective Braden Hayes has been chasing the smart-mouthed cat burglar for years and when she’s taken away, he knows the game of cat and mouse has turned serious.

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Holding Fire

April Hunt

Release Date: March 28, 2017

Alpha Security operative Trey Hanson is ready to settle down. When he meets a gorgeous blonde in a bar, he thinks he has finally met the one. The connection between them is off the charts, but their night together ends in a hail of gunfire. As the chaos unfolds, she dissappears and Trey makes it his mission to track her down. What started as a personal mission then turns to business as he learns she’s his next assignment.

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Destin’s Hold

S. E. Smith

Release Date: February 14, 2017

Jersula Ikera was assigned to Earth by the Alliance Council to resolve the upheaval caused by the last ambassador. She’s fought hard to be where she is, and while she isn’t pleased to be liaising with humans, she will do her best to help rebuild the world its inhabitants have destroyed. What she didn’t anticipate was her reaction to the hardheaded human Destin Parks. The man she has been assigned to work with really gets under her skin and ignites a flame inside her is quite alarming, mystifying, and leaves her questioning her own sanity.

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Into the Firestorm

Kat Martin

Release Date: January 31, 2017

Luke Brody had heard the name before. M. Cassidy was a novice bounty hunter working Seattle and was seeing more success than a newcomer should expect. What Luke didn’t expect was the dark curls, sparkly top and impressive cleavage. It definitely was not what he had pictured. Emma Cassidy had always idolized Luke Brodie, the bounty hunter that could bring in anyone. But if he gets too close to her fight with Rudy Vance, he will find out just how ferocious she can be.

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