New Billionaire Romance Novels

25 Jan 2017

The suits he wears. The command in his voice. The pierce of his gaze. The zeroes in his bank account. Any of these might an attractive man make, but it’s the combination that sets your heart racing. The thrill of a passion so improbable it can’t be right…Well, when has that stopped you from picking up that next temptation? Be bad with the boys of these six new billionaire romance novels.

New Billionaire Romance Novels


For 100 Nights

Lara Adrian

Release Date: January 16, 2017

Avery Ross ascended to the upper eschelons of high society through a chance encounter with the powerful Dominic Baine. In a world where anything he desires is his, he has his sights on her. Their attraction is dynamite, but there’s something Avery hasn’t trusted with him yet…something about her past. And she isn’t the only one hiding something… Can she come clean in time to save them both?

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Royal Scandal

Marquita Valentine

Release Date: January 24, 2017

Years after the assassination of his parents, Crown Prince Colin Sinclair is asked to return to the country of his birth and marry the princess they have chosen for him. Only, Colin has other plans, plans that include marrying his American best friend Della Hughes. Regardless of the feelings she harbors for him, she knows the arrangement is in name only…but what happens when those feelings become undeniable?

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Nikki Chase

Release Date: January 3, 2017

Cole has been on enough front pages to know infamy, and he’s over it. Then Emily enters his life. She was everything he wanted, and he had to have her. Then the unexpected happens, and they are forced to remain apart, or else… But few things are more tempting than those you can’t have…

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The Heir

Ellie Danes

Release Date: January 1, 2017

She will inherit everything as long as she returns to school and doesn’t get married. Sounds pretty easy, right? That was until Landon Michel stepped into her life. A man with everything, she’s drawn to him like a moth to the flame. But Landon has an inheritance and conditions of his own…

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Billionaire’s Cinderella

Claire Adams

Release Date: January 4, 2017

Things haven’t been going great for Kiara. Laid off from her internship and recently rear ended, how could things possibly get worse? Her neighbor’s party getting out of control and setting her home on fire, that’s how. Now she’s ready to give that entitled rich boy a piece of her mind. But meeting Teddy, she finds him different than she expected…and that different could lead to something she never expected.

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Vivian Wood

Release Date: January 4, 2017

She wasn’t supposed to see him again, not after that incredible night of passion and ecstasy. Now she knows his name: Smith Calloway. She knows it because he’s her new boss. She’s been assigned his personal executive assistant. But, as an undercover reporter, she has other motives. Motives confused by memories of bliss. She knows she isn’t the only one who remembers. There’s tension in every interaction. Working together in such small quarters, will they give in to their desires?

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