10 All American Thrillers for the 4th of July

18 Jun 2015

Get in the mood to celebrate America in all of it’s independent, patriotic glory on the 4th of July with these thrillers about American agents doing good around the globe and at home, and, of course, blowing things up every once and a while.

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Secrets of State by Matthew Palmer

From a veteran who knows what it’s like to be at the forefront the the U.S. Foreign Service. We dare you to stay seated for the entirely of this insider’s tale of international politics, intrigue, and global conflict.

Collision by William S. Cohen

Written by the former Secretary of State, Collision gives an insider’s view into the harrowing secrets and politics of Washington.

Independence Day by Ben Coes

No, it doesn’t have aliens. Think that there is something fishy about Russia, but can’t quite Putin your finger on exactly what it is? Then you will enjoy reading about Dewey Andreas as he tracks down a rogue Russian hacker in possession of a nuclear weapon.

Tom Clancy Under Fire by Grant Blackwood

Love Clancy’s Jack Ryan? Follow him into Tehran as he goes underground to find a friend that may have gone rogue in this spin off by Grant Blackwood!

Radiant Angel by Nelson DeMille

DeMille is one of the masters of international thriller. Follow his star protagonist, John Corey, as he investigates Russian diplomats on US soil. The government doesn’t want to face the potential dangers of a resurgent Russia (one might even say that they don’t want to Russian to conclusions!) but John has a hunch that he can’t shake…


Palace of Treason by Jason Matthews

From Edgar Award-winning author Jason Matthews comes a thrilling, love infused tale of two spies,  Captain Dominika Egorova of the Russian Intelligence Service and Nate Nash of the CIA. Pick this book up if you are in to risky business of all sorts!

Pinnacle Event by Richard A. Clarke

Election season is upon us! Feeling trepidatious? So was Ricahrd A. Clarke when we wrote this tale of black market nuclear warheads and global threats, all set in the five weeks leading up to the national election.

The President’s Shadow by Brad Meltzer

Beecher White is a junior staff member at the national archives and as such he is privy to some of the nations most precious documents… and most subversive secrets.

Invasion of Privacy by Christopher Reich

Taking place a little closer to home is Invasion of Privacy. When FBI agent Joe Grant is killed in a shootout, it’s up to his wife to pick up the pieces, and uncover a nefarious plot.

Flame Out by M. P. Cooley

June Lyons was once an FBI agent. Now a small town cop, she is wrapped into two seemingly unconnected cases that involve the lives of those dangerously close to her.

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