Your Fall Romance Reading List | 2019

30 Oct 2019

Your Fall Romance Reading List | 2019

Have you been searching for some amazing new novels for your Fall romance reading list? No matter what kind of love story you enjoy reading, you’ll definitely find a new favorite in our list of recommendations! Enjoy these new books from Claire Contreras, Kathryn Nolan, Erica Ridley, Z.L. Arkadie, Nadia Lee, and Jillian Eaton.

Half Truths

by Clare Contreras

Release Date: October 21, 2019

Everyone has heard rumors of these groups. The secretive ones that only the crème de la crème are invited to. I am the second in my family invited into one. But I’m just new money to them. I am here for their amusement and to be walked over. Soon enough they will realize I am not one of them and I am here for revenge.

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Wild Open Hearts

by Kathryn Nolan

Release Date: October 25, 2019

Luna da Rosa is America’s vegan best friend. She is a self-made billionaire owner of a vegan makeup company called Wild Heart. When she’s not changing the cosmetics industry, shes impressing fans online with kombucha recipes. But then Wild Heart is caught up in a scandal. Her reputation as a cheerful do-gooder is ruined.

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Dukes, Actually

by Erica Ridley

Release Date: October 22, 2019

The Duke of Azureford is a little awkward, but he’s not the arrogant and aloof lord his peers perceive him to be. He has a plan to fix it though. In order to woo a lady, he must learn to flirt. The inappropriate girl next door would be the perfect instructor, but she would be a terrible duchess. For some reason, he can’t walk away.

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by Z.L. Arkadie

Release Date: September 30, 2019

The first book in The Freed Billionaire Spencer Christmas Trilogy by Z.L. Arkadie… I finally arrived at the ranch after being stuck in an airport for two days. My new boss was nowhere to be found but left me a laundry list of job duties to justify my bloated salary. Each day led to another, the loneliness was becoming unbearable. Just as I was about to ask for help, my elusive boss finally shows his face.

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Stealing the Bride

by Nadia Lee

Release Date: October 17, 2019

I am completely stunned when the most beautiful woman I’ve ever slept with sneaks out of my bed and leaves me fifty bucks. I also feel a little dirty. Most guys might let this go but I’m not like most guys. She left a mark on me and I need to track her down. Imagine my surprise when I find out she’s getting married.

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Winning the Earl of Winchester

by Jillian Eaton

Release Date: October 22, 2019

The first book in the Secret Wallflower Society series by Jillian Eaton… Miss Calliope Haversham has just eighteen days. In eighteen days she will turn 21 and become a spinster and her inheritance will be passed on to her cousin Beatrice. She has eighteen days to marry a stranger or lose everything. But Calliope isn’t worried because she has a plan.

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