How Many Stephen King Books Have You Read?

10 Sep 2015

Stephen King has written a mind boggling number of books. These books have gone on to inspire musicians, screen play writers, and, of course, terrify all their readers. Stephen King has made hotels scary, exercise equipment scary, laundry machines scary, wind-up teeth scary, toy-soldiers scary, pet cemeteries (“semataries”) scary, and clowns even scarier. Even Stephen King’s house is beautifully creepy. Knowing our fear of what goes BUMP in the night can be attributed at least a little to his works, it’s fitting that this prolific author be awarded the United States National Medal of Arts (the highest achievement awarded by the US Government). Those who have done more watching and less reading can forget film adaptions like Silver Bullet and Bag of Bones, preferring to cherish watching (and rewatching) Stand By Me, The Shining, and The Shawshank Redemption. Still, watchers and readers alike owe many thanks to this wicked wordsmith. But rather than impressing you with his list of books, we figured we’d quiz you on how many Stephen King books you’ve read. Maybe you’ll find you’re ready to pick up another one.

So – what did you get? Most of us have read the classic Stephen King books like It, Carrie, and The Stand, but have you delved deep into the Stephen King anthology? Tweet us your results at @NewInBooks.

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