What’s the News in Books This Week?

06 Jun 2015

What’s the News in Books this week? Well let us tell you:

Books About Women, By Women, Less Likely to Win Awards, Says Study

We have all heard of the Bechdel Test thank to this nifty TED talk. We know that we need more entertainment featuring female characters who aren’t dependent on their male counterparts, but apparently that memo hasn’t reached the ears of the judges for most of the most sought after literary awards. Read More ↦



Libraries Regain Popularity in Germany

Libraries, like Bookstores, have needed to change to adapt to the new world of instant gratification brought on by eBooks and Amazon. What country was the first to completely overhaul their approach to libraries, in an attempt to keep patrons coming and keep these majestic institutions alive? Why, those wily German’s of course! With greater access to eBooks, and extended hours, Germans have been reminded that libraries are truly magical places. Read More ↦

Reading Length.com: All of the Stats about your Favorite Books

Jealous of sports fans as they rattle off the stats of their favorite players and teams, knowing that stats like that don’t exist for books? Never fear, readinglength.com is here! Just search for your favorite book, or the one you’ve been meaning to read, and it will tell you length in both page numbers and words! You can even take a test to see how fast you read, and calculate how long it will take you to read a given novel! Read More ↦

Aziz Ansari’s Book Trailer is the Best Ever

A little confused by book trailers? Typically, us too. But not today! Aziz Ansari just released his book trailer for Modern Romance, and let us tell you, it’s comedic genius. Watch it ↦

Amazon’s Next Kindle Scheme: the KiddieKindle

Amazon has enjoyed barging into markets and making a fuss from the get-go. Their next book/eBook related plan? KiddieKindle! A Kindle wrapped in plastic with a 2 year warranty that covers things like spilled milk! Read More ↦

This Week’s Literary Funny

We love things that mix old, classic media with the new/ popular. This week’s gem: Drunk Texts from Famous Authors. Read More ↦ 

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