What’s New in Fantasy for 4/7

07 Apr 2015

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Vengeance of the Demon

Diana Rowland

Demon summoner Kara Gillian is on the wrong side of the law—and there’s evidence to prove it. Too bad the courts don’t accept “fighting demonic forces” as justification for murder and mayhem.

kindle $6.96audible $25.95paperback $25.95

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Dark Heir

Faith Hunter

For centuries, the extremely powerful and ruthless vampire witches of the European Council have wandered the Earth, controlling governments, fostering war, creating political conflict, and often leaving absolute destruction in their wake. One of the strongest of them is set to create some havoc in the city of New Orleans, and it’s definitely personal.

kindle $5.99Paperback $7.61audible $21.83

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Dragon Queen

Stephen Deas

In the years before the Dragons laid waste to man’s empire, the fearsome monsters were used for war and as gifts of surpassing wealth to buy favour in the constant political battles that tore at the kingdoms. Notorious in these battles was the Dragon Queen. And now she is a prisoner. But no one is more dangerous than when caged …

kindle $6.99paperback $12.75

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The Book of Orm

A J Dalton, Nadine West, and Matt White

This exciting new collection brings together the writing talents of international fantasy author A J Dalton, Nadine West (Bridport Anthology) and Matt White (prize-winning scriptwriter). Magic, myth and heroic mayhem combine in a world that is eerily familiar yet beautifully liberating.

kindle $5.99paperback $12.99

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Imaginary Things

Andrea Lochen

Burned-out and broke, twenty-two-year-old single mother Anna Jennings moves to her grandparents’ rural home for the summer with her four-year-old son, David. The sudden appearance of shadowy dinosaurs forces Anna to admit that either she’s lost her mind or she can actually see her son’s active imagination. Frightened for David’s safety, Anna struggles to learn the rules of this bizarre phenomenon and how best to protect him.

kindle $5.39paperback $10.49

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Garden of Dreams and Desires

Kristen Painter

Magic is twisted and chaos reigns in this climactic final novel in the Crescent City trilogy by award-winning author Kristen Painter.

kindle $9.99paperback $12.67

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Jinn and Juice

Nicole Peeler

To escape an arranged marriage, a jinni granted Lyla her wish: to live a thousand years as a jinni herself. Now, her servitude is ending, but there are a few obstacles in Lyla’s path to freedom. A Magi intent on binding her again, a jinni bent on vengeance, and not to mention the nightmare from her past that threatens to make her curse permanent — and claim her very soul.
kindle $2.99paperback $7.72audible $17.95

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Empire of Night

Kelley Armstrong

Sisters Moria and Ashyn are the Keeper and Seeker of Edgewood. Or at least they were. Their village is gone. Their friends have betrayed them. And now, the emperor has sent them on a mission to rescue the captured children of Edgewood—accompanied by Prince Tyrus and a small band of imperial warriors. But the journey proves more perilous than any of them could have imagined.

hardcover $13.92kindle $9.78paperback $7.65audible $20.67
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