Top 10 Authors on Twitter

30 Apr 2015

Naturally, there are a lot of authors out there who are as great using Twitter’s 140 character limit as they are with writing full length books!

If you’re looking for some interesting new authors to follow, consider some of these options:

The Book Maven tweet

Maud Newton tweet

  • Maud Newton, @maudnewton
    • Writer, reader, critic. Recently in @Harpers, @NYTMag, @Awl, and @Tin_House. Writing a book for @RandomHouse about the science and superstition of ancestry.
    • Joined Twitter in June, 2008
    • Over 15k tweets
    • Most recent book: America’s Ancestry Craze

Neil Gaiman tweet

  • Neil Gaiman, @neilhimself
    • will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.
    • Joined Twitter in December, 2008
    • Over 82k tweets
    • Most recent book: Trigger Warning (read our review!)

Margaret Atwood tweet

Anne Rice tweet

Meg Cabot tweet

RL Stine tweet


Ben Greenman tweet

  • Ben Greenman, @bengreenman
    • NYT-bestselling author, @NewYorker writer: books both fiction (The Slippage, Please Step Back) & nonfiction (@George_Clinton memoir, Mo Meta Blues w/@questlove)
    • Joined Twitter in February, 2010
    • Over 35k tweets
    • Most recent book: The Slippage

Linda Grant tweet

  • Linda Grant, @lindasgrant
    • Novelist, winner of the Orange Prize, shortlisted Booker Prize. Upstairs at the Party published July 2014. Counted on lovers like railroad cars.
    • Joined Twitter in April, 2010
    • Over 46k tweets
    • Most recent book: Upstairs at the Party

Jackie Collins tweet

  • Jackie Collins, @jackiejcollins
    • Kick-ass writer!
    • Joined Twitter in April, 2009
    • Over 21k tweets
    • Most recent book:Sinners
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