Tis the Season to be Spooky by Molly Fitz

20 Oct 2020

Tis the season to be spooky!

We over at the Black Cat Crossing Collective love cats. We love them so much that we collected 11 stories of spooky black felines and threw them together in one awesome mix of Halloween stories. But to really enjoy Black Cat Crossing, we need to take a few moments to appreciate all the adorable and terrifying murder mittens that came before. Let’s take a look at our very subjective list of the top 11 spook cats!

11) Furguson Michael Jordan Bishop – New Girl

Nick and Jess might be the main will they won’t they couple, but Winston and his life partner, Furguson Michael Jordon Bishop, was the true love story! Winston always had a rough time, but when he adopted this furry partner in crime it gave his character, and the show, a whole new dimension. As for the spooky factor, it’s scary how much Winston loves his feline companion!

10) White Cat – The Mummy

For such a pretty kitty that isn’t even named in the movie, this girl sure is memorable! When the mummy Imhotep sneaks into Evelyn’s room, the only way to save Evelyn is to barge into the room holding up the kitty like a weapon. Though the scene-stealer isn’t named in the film, the novelization of the movie names her Cleo. Spook Factor: Any kitty that can send the Mummy running off with his tail between his legs is a force to be reckoned with!

9) Mr. Bigglesworth – Austin Powers

Proving you don’t need a full coat to be terrifying, Dr. Evil’s companion has laser sharks at the ready and isn’t afraid to use them! Although Mr. Bigglesworth was originally a long-haired Persian, his hair fell out during the freezing process in the sixties, giving him the iconic and intimidating look he’s known for.  Spook factor: “That makes me angry. And when Dr. Evil gets angry, Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset. (Meow) And when Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset, people die!” Need we say more?

8) Jonsey – Alien

Ripley is undoubtedly one of the original strong female characters portrayed on film and her pet cat, Jonsey, was the perfect companion. He provides softness to her strength and isn’t afraid to hiss and claw at that inconvenient alien whenever he gets too close! Spook Factor: He’s one of the only creatures to survive the horrifying and acid bleeding Alien. You have to be tough to survive that!

7) Miss Kitty Fantastico – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

With a name like that, you know Miss Kitty Fantastico is a force to be reckoned with. And you for sure don’t want to get on her mammas’ bad side. When Tara and Willow snuck their new kitten onto campus, you best believe all of Sunnydale was straight up SHOOK by the cuteness factor. Spook Factor: Does it get spookier than a kitten with not one, but TWO witch mommies?

6) Orion – Men in Black

This orange and white kitty seems like a small side character at first, but he ends up tying the entire movie together. A true sign that animals are universal, this little guy made such a big impact on his alien owner that the big guy trusted the entire galaxy to his pet kitty, Orion. Spook Factor: He has the entire galaxy on his belt! That’s pretty spooky.

5) Mrs. Norris – The Harry Potter Films

There might be a lot of terrifying occurrences at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but nothing struck fear into the hearts of the students like seeing Mrs. Norris skulking around. The caretaker’s pet cat spent her time looking for troublemakers and wasn’t afraid to tattle. Spook Factor: If even Hermione Granger is scared of Mrs. Norris, what chance do us mere mortals have?

4) Church – Pet Sematary

This might be the saddest and most terrifying entry on this list! Winston Church was so beloved by his family that when he was suddenly struck down by a car his family just couldn’t let go. He was laid to rest in the titular Pet Sematary but didn’t stay resting. However, when he did come back to the family, he came back… A little different. Spook Factor: Two words – Zombie Cat.

3) Goose – Captain Marvel

Is it cheating if this kitty isn’t a cat at all? Captain Marvel’s orange feline companion isn’t of this planet. Goose is actually a Flerken, a very dangerous alien creature that has a bite MUCH bigger than their meow. Spook Factor: Goose is so scary that she’s the reason Nick Fury wears an eye patch. She has claws (and tentacles) and isn’t afraid to use them!

2) Salem – Sabrina the Teenage Witch

This kitty might not be the most physically imposing, but his sarcastic barbs and sharp wit could leave even the best of us wounded. But his need for power is only matched by his loyalty and this little guy is a friend we could all use. Much better than having him as an enemy at least. Spook Factor: Considering Salem was cursed to live as a cat because he tried to take over the world, we wouldn’t turn our backs on this one…

1) Thackery Binx – Hocus Pocus

Be still our twelve-year-old hearts! Thackery Binx was every little girl’s dream. With a sweet English accent and a caring, brave, and determined personality, he becomes Dani’s number one ally in taking down the Sanderson Sisters. Spook Factor: He’s immortal and won’t stop until he’s reunited with his sister. Don’t mess with this murder mittens with a heart of gold!

If you can’t get enough spooky kitties, be sure to check out Black Cat Crossing! This anthology features 11 heartwarming and spine-tingling Halloween stories featuring our favorite noir felines.

Have a happy, and cuddly, spook-tober from all of us at Black Cat Crossing Collective!

Molly Fitz is the author of the new book Black Cat Crossing.

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