The Story Behind Wild Forces by Karen Renee

17 Nov 2020

By Karen Renee

A protective Alpha-male.

A slow-burn romance.

Music. So much music!

Those are just three things you’ll find in Wild Forces, the latest book in the O-Town series. Cassie and Gabe are best friends, but neither wants to ruin their friendship by taking things further. This book is the second installment in the O-Town series, and while it is a stand-alone, the friends-to-lovers story came to me in the midst of writing Relentless Habit, the first book in the series.

You might think that would make it easier to write, but I thoroughly struggled with Cassie and Gabe’s story. Mainly because I hadn’t written a friends-to-lovers romance before, and possibly because that trope is not my jam.

Speaking of jams, music is so abundant in this book because Gabe is a freelance DJ and because he meets Cassie when she’s a teaching assistant for a Music Appreciation course Gabe took. The two of them talk music all the time. Writing their banter about music was especially fun because it showcases how different their personalities are.

Their conversations about music ultimately spurred the title for the book. I knew I wanted the word Force in the title. Cassie is a huge fan of the Rolling Stones and their song “Wild Horses.” When that song came up, I realized that was a fun play on words and their title was born.

Orlando DJ, Gabe Sullivan spins a woman up only to revolve right out the door. His tune changes when his only female friend, Cassie, pretends to be more than friends. Sparks fly from their fake kiss, and Gabe insists on exploring things further with Cassie.

After a business deal enters the picture, Cassie pleads for Gabe to listen to her. His fiery temper and misconceptions create an enormous rift. When Cassie finds Gabe to apologize, she discovers he’s kept a secret from her. He claims he was protecting her, but his betrayal cuts too deep.

Can their love overcome so many outside forces of confusion and betrayal?

“I’m surprised by how well this author grabs me from jump. Gabe and Cassie were anything but predictable, and the twists that Karen threw in kept me guessing up to the last chapter or two.” – Jenn the Readaholic, Goodreads

Karen Renee is the author of the new book Wild Forces.

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