The Story Behind What You Did by Willow Rose

01 Jul 2019

By Willow Rose

The backstory for my latest novel, WHAT YOU DID is inspired by a true event that took place back in 1956, when a young infant named Peter Weinberger was kidnapped from his baby carriage while he was sleeping outside.

The kidnapper asked for a ransom but was spooked by the press and police when he came to drop the child off at the meeting point. Instead he left him in a bush where he wasn’t found until it was too late. It is such a devastating story and when I read it, I knew that I had to write about it. The thought of your child disappearing while sleeping in the safety of your front yard is to terrifying, I can hardly stand it.

Here is a link in case you want to read more:

WHAT YOU DID is the second book in my series about the former FBI-profiler Eva Rae Thomas.

It has been in the top 100 of ALL books on Amazon since it was published and #2 in New Releases. The first book in the Series; DON’T LIE TO ME is still in the top 100 of ALL books on Amazon after it’s was published back in April.

Willow Rose is the author of the new book What You  Did.

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