The Story Behind Want You to Want Me by Lorelei James

04 Aug 2020

By Lorelei James

So here’s a little confession…I haven’t always been a hockey fan. Shocking, right? But about 7-8 years ago when our oldest daughter moved to Denver, she and her then boyfriend, now husband, took us to an Avalanche game…and I was hooked. I started reading hockey romances and at some point, I decided I wanted to write a hero or two who make their livings on the ice. Plus, writing a hockey player hero gave me a legit excuse to watch hockey games as research, right? Not to mention attending hockey games in person.

While I love my male hockey players…I couldn’t help but notice there were very few romances written with a FEMALE hockey player as the heroine. As I spiraled down the rabbit hole of research, so many disparities between the sexes became apparent to me. Women hockey players aren’t treated equal on any level—college or professional, many times having to pay their own ways to games, share housing and hold 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet to continue to play the sport they love. So I started watching women’s hockey and fell in love with it too. These women are dedicated as athletes and ambassadors for the sport of ice hockey for ALL ages and both sexes. I knew I needed to write a heroine who embodied the best of the sport.

Thus Gabriella Welk was born in my mind. She burst onto the scene and became a scene stealer in I Want You Back, book 1 in the Want You series. When it came time to pair Nolan Lund, brother of Jaxson Lund, the retired legendary hockey player, with his heroine, I knew feisty Gabi was perfect for him, even when on paper they were…more like paper and fire 😊

Take a chance on Want You To Want Me…it’s a fun, sexy, frenemies-to-lovers romance with a little hockey thrown in for fun!


Lorelei James is the author of the new book Want You to Want Me

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