The Story Behind Unleashed by the Moon by L.P. Dover

30 Mar 2021

By L.P. Dover

The last time I wrote a blog post was about a year ago now. I read through it and was amazed at how things have changed since then. Covid was getting bad, and the world had shut down. We all had to learn to live life a new way. I wondered how I was ever going to get writing done with my kids at home. It turns out I didn’t get much written, but I DID get to spend more time with my family. My father’s cancer worsened, and I used that time to be with him as much as possible. He lost his battle six months ago, and I miss him every day. I’ve based so many characters off of him in my previous books, so when I go back through and read them, it’s like he’s still here with me.

It took me a couple of months after his death to find my groove again. Now that school is back in session, I’m continuing like I used to before the dreaded virus hit our country. Writing is an escape, and I made it my goal to get away from real life as much as possible. With that being said, I decided to write nothing but paranormal this year. About six years ago, I wrote a book called Turn of the Moon, the first novel in my Royal Shifters series. It was such a blast to write a sexy shifter romance. Not long after it was released, I published the second in the series. With so many other demands in my writing schedule, I had to stop with my PNR and move on to other things.

As luck would have it, I have no other obligations, and I can finally continue with the series. It’s been such a joy to dive back into my shifter world after six long years. Granted, I had to read through the first two books to get reacquainted with all of my characters, but it was a blast. I recently published the third book in the series, and now, I’m publishing the fourth, Unleashed by the Moon. IT IS MY FAVORITE! It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this level of excitement. Maybe it’s because I added in some MMA fighting. Think about it … shifters fighting for their mate? Talk about hot!

Okay, so here’s a little more about the story. My female heroine is Faith Storm, the last royal arctic female. (It turns out she’s not the last, but it’s a secret she keeps to herself to protect the others.) With her being a royal, any male she bonds with will get her power, ultimately making him a royal as well. As you can see, that right there would make any male want to seek her out, especially when it’s widely known she’s the last royal female. It just so happens there’s an alpha (Killian Vilkas) with a powerful witch who can help him get her. And by getting her, I mean to steal her away. Apparently, my shifters like to do that. (LOL) Killian hopes that one day the mating signs will appear between him and Faith. What he doesn’t know is that she’s already felt the bond with the alpha of the Great Plains pack, Tate Grayson. With so many males coming for Faith, she wanted to keep her bond with Tate a secret until they could consummate it on the full moon. If the others knew he was her mate, he’d have a target on his back.

Now that Killian has her in his grasp, he uses it to his advantage. He pits shifter against shifter in a deadly fighting tournament. The winner will get mating rights to Faith. He also makes the shifters pay to play, which puts a huge chunk of change in his pocket. Killian is determined to win, and he does everything he can to sabotage the other fighters. Will he beat Tate for the right to call Faith his mate? Guess you’ll have to read the book to find out. I can’t spoil it all for you!


L.P. Dover is the author of the new book Unleashed by the Moon

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