The Story Behind Trouble by Kira Blakely

26 Mar 2018

By Kira Blakely

Trouble is all about fun. That’s what I really wanted in this book – to have some fun and create an emotional connection along the way.

The idea for this story sprang from the first scene of this book.

The bad boy hero, Cain, who is basically trouble incarnate, walks into a charity event one hundred percent naked. His old high school crush – more of a frenemy – is in there and witnesses the whole thing. Naturally, hilarity and conflict ensues. Mr. Trouble is in huge trouble for crashing the event he was supposed to help sponsor.

The scene had me in stitches while I was writing it, so I wanted to carry that humor through the book, but spice in some love and angst, as well. I figured that a man who’s pure chaos comes with his own set of baggage and I was exactly right.

Trouble is about Cain’s journey from trouble to tame – though, still with that same bite – and Margot, his crush’s, evolution from totally tame to a little troublesome. He bursts into her life and claims that he owns half her tattoo shop. She wants nothing to do with him. Throw in a reality TV show being filmed and the country’s eyes on the pair of them, and the recipe for disaster is complete.

My favorite scene to write was just about every one of them from Cain’s perspective. He’s such a funny asshole and totally unpredictable, from base jumping, to sex, to racing cars, to forgetting everyone’s names. He’s all over the place but centered at the same time and… okay, so I think I have a crush on him too. Whoops.

With all that said and done, Trouble isn’t just about a funny guy and a gal stuck in her comfort zone – it’s about unrequited love. It’s about going after the person you truly want without fear. It’s about risking it all.

That kind of fear and passion is what I want in a relationship.

Kira Blakely is the author of the new book Trouble

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