The Story Behind The Sweetest Obsession by Nicole Snow

27 Dec 2023

The Story Behind The Sweetest Obsession by Nicole Snow

There’s nothing sweeter than a love that’s lost and found again. That’s at the heart of my latest small-town grumpy sunshine romance book, The Sweetest Obsession, a dropkick to the feels with hilarity, hotness, and just the right amount of heartbreak.

Ophelia Sanderson was never supposed to see her first obsession again. You only let your brother’s best friend blow your heart to smithereens once and Grant did a mighty fine job of that years ago. But there’s no denying family business when it calls her back to little Redhaven, North Carolina. There’s also no cure for old bruises to the heart when a familiar snarly face shows up, already up in her business.

Police Captain Grant Faircross is boned seven ways from Sunday. Ophelia’s homecoming is the very last thing he needs when he’s chest-deep in case work, raising a little imp of a girl, and still hitting a wall when it comes to his missing best friend, also Ophelia’s brother. The grumpiest man in town isn’t used to feelings—much less his heart being flung around the second he finds out Ophelia’s in real danger. Keeping her safe might be the easy part. Having her under his roof, in his bed, and igniting in his soul? All bets are off with the sweetest obsession he can’t stand losing again.

That’s only the beginning. There’s so much interwoven between the lines in this deep, emotional romance worth sinking your teeth into. A cozy small town with a dark underbelly, tragedy and hope, and family secrets that upend everything. In Redhaven, nothing is ever as neat and easy as it seems, and sometimes it takes the scariest truths to unlock hearts and set them free.

This book is the best kind of romantic suspense—a twisted “whodunnit” mystery with a love story that will move your soul. My biggest hope is that if you peel back the layers, you’ll find a few of your own truths about life and love hidden in the words.

Head on over to Amazon and grab The Sweetest Obsession while it’s free with Kindle Unlimited. You can read it as a standalone, but your experience will be even richer if you start with the first book in the series, The Broken Protector.

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book The Sweetest Obsession

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